iiT workforce believes that learning is empowered in the classroom, but is truly strengthened in real-time, live project-based training. That is why we offer our internship program for interns to have a real-time project setup. This enables a student to bridge the gap between the knowledge learned from studies with the application of that knowledge towards real projects.

Training for Selenium is important as it is an important feature of Functional Test Automation. In its most basic application, Selenium is a tool for tests that are applicable within a variety of programming languages. Selenium IDE and the recent and powerful WebDriver are a great tool for test automation for both small and big companies. With the risk of these types of services being a huge financial overhead for companies, it is important to utilize the benefits from Selenium. The way it is utilized is through a browser-specific browser driver. This retrieves results by sending in commands to the web browser.  Selenium offers a versatile and effective method for getting the test automation necessary to be successful. This is an important aspect of quality assurance, ensuring that web applications are functioning the way that they are supposed to be.

The Selenium training at iiT also helps with mobile application automation for WebDriver, multiple domain related projects, and integration of database/data driven testing. Furthermore, the training also helps with best practice creation, implementation and presentation of the most apt test automation framework.

Training for Selenium WebDriver can provide you with powerful tools to enhance your career in I.T. This is an essential aspect of web applications, as understanding what is working and not working is imperative to creating an user-friendly, effective web application.
At iiT Workforce, we’re your source for beneficial and incredibly useful Selenium Webdriver training. Our hands-on program will allow you to become a Selenium expert. Learn more about our Selenium Webdriver training by visiting our website today!