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Advanced Java

iiTworkforce offer Advance Java live project training from industry experts

Advanced Java

Java is the most popular medium for software implementation because of its robustness, simplicity, performance, platform independence and versatility that renders it very well for web and mobile applications.

Create once, run anywhere – that is the principle of Java which keeps it constantly ahead of the game and makes it almost invincible. A strong knowledge in Java programming lets you have an edge over the competition. Also, Java is not only coveted by developers, but a growing number of automation tools are using Java as their programming medium too. This makes Java the ‘go-to’ language for developers and testers.

iiT WorkForce Advance Java internship program:

The unique opportunity that we bring forward to our interns is that we have a real time project setup that has benefits that are twofold. On one level, this program helps bridge the gap in the knowledge acquisition process and brings in lots of practical experience that will help our participants gain confidence and excel in the real time situations. On the other hand, this program will ensure the reflection of real project work experience and verifiable references on your resume, which will instill the employer’s confidence in your expertise.

Our program incorporates the Agile SCRUM methodology in combination with the traditional life cycle methods, to make sure that we make the most out of this experience for you.

The Advanced Java program specifically gives our students the ability to play an active developer role in the rapid, iterative, development environment and provides firsthand experience in terms of creating code, building strategies, debugging, and implementation.

Every developer will also have the opportunity to perform database integrations, unit testing of code, integration testing, code deployment, source code control etc.

In the process of this program, we encourage our participants to devise the best practices, overcome challenges in a collaborative team framework, and emerge out as a leader.

This hands-on program is like no other in the market and will establish you as an Advanced Java Development expert. This will bring a lot of credibility to your resume and will help you bag a competitive role that gets you the best industry salaries.

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