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iiTworkforce offer Telecom live project training from industry experts

iiTworkForce has a marked presence in the field of real-time IT project development. We have garnered vast experience in delivering live projects for our partners who are in requirement of technology and resources. We balance their needs by deploying our interns who are in a lookout for real-time project experience that helps to shape their careers.

Our job-oriented real-time projects are ideal for those who are looking to establish themselves in specific domains as working on live projects essentially builds real experience along with domain expertise.

Top companies across the globe look for technical experts with domain knowledge as it helps the employers in numerous facets such as

  • Meeting client expectations.
  • Reduction in training time
  • Increases productivity
  • Build applications more effectively
  • Quick rectification of defects
  • Understand the technical terms better
  • Have a better understanding of business rules and logic.

What are the advantages of working on a real-time Telecom Project?

Telecom, short for the telecommunications industry is huge and one of the most essential services we enjoy today. It encompasses three streams

  1.   wireless communications
  2.   satellite communications
  3.   internet services

So, there are predominantly two pillars that support the entire telecom industry:

Operating Support System (OSS)

This is essentially the backend system that handles the telecom network, providing customer service, and inventory, etc.


Business Support System (BSS)

This is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) part which processes the bill generation, collecting payments, taking orders, etc which maintain direct interaction with the customers.

The BSS is the intermediary between the customer and OSS.



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From billing to online payment to identifying the ideal place to install network towers are all dependent on a wide variety of IT technologies like Testing, Big Data, Data Science, etc.       

Our online bill payment system follows such an intricate system where the real-time data consumed reflects in the online bill payment window where the user can make the payment.

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