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Big Data Hadoop

iiTworkforce offer Big Data Hadoop live project training from industry experts


For those of you who have been in the field of data, you can vouch for the fact that the BigData/Hadoop is the future of data and the processing that surrounds it. Bigdata simply refers to the kind of data that does not fit into the conventional row and column combination. We, as regular internet users are very familiar with this data. Videos, slides, flash images, and browsing history are few examples of this. To fit this unconventional data into the regular relational databases is like trying to fix a square peg into a round hole.

Hadoop is an open source framework that users the cluster approach to solve this problem in scalable, efficient and cost-effective manner. It has 4 main constituent elements: Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce.

iiT WorkForce Big Data internship program:

 The unique opportunity that we are bringing forward to our interns is that we have a real time project setup that has benefits that are twofold. On one level, this program helps bridge the gap in the knowledge acquisition process and brings in lots of practical experience that will help our participants gain confidence and excel in real time situations.

On the other hand, this program will ensure the reflection of real project work experience and verifiable references on your resume which will instill the employer’s confidence in your expertise.

Our program would give you hands-on experience in the BigData/Hadoop field that can be phenomenal for your career in this new and emerging field. The participants would have firsthand experience to work in a collaborative, challenging and effective Big data Hadoop environment.

This hands-on program is like no other in the market and will establish you as a Big Data Hadoop professional. This will bring a lot of credibility to your resume and will help you bag a competitive role that gets you the great industry salaries.

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