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The hands-on project-based Selenium certification training is an ideal program to ace the complete Selenium architecture and frameworks. This real-time project curriculum can help you master the Selenium Suite along with the integration with third-party frameworks such as TestNG, Junit, Sikuli, etc. for managing test cases, performing automation testing for web applications. Rigorous stand-up meetings, project reviews by the team lead, hands-on application of the complex concepts, etc. are all part and parcel of the program.

About Selenium Certification Training

Master the most-adopted Selenium framework through our live, real-time, project-based training at IIT Workforce and attain authentic hands-on experience and expertise over the entire software testing life cycle.

Selenium Certification Overview

Our Selenium Certification course which is live, project-based training equips you with all the knowledge and experience that you need to start working in the field of automation testing. It covers everything from the Selenium Webdriver to the latest build and integration tools, frameworks, and real-life examples. You will learn Maven, GitHub, Jenkins, and frameworks like Cucumber and Page-Pattern too

What Will You Learn In This Selenium Course Online?
  • Fundamental concepts of automation testing with the Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium components (IDE, Grid, RC, Webdriver) and IDE concepts
  • Deployment and configuration of Selenium
  • Identification of elements using CSS, XPath, etc.
  • Writing and checking test cases using WebDriver
  • Build Tools, Framework Concepts and Integration Tools: Installation and configuration
  • Real-life examples and applications of Selenium
  • Hands-on experience with Cloud Test Lab
Who Should Take Up This Selenium Training Certification Course?

This course has been designed to help everyone learn selenium. It is ideal for:

  • Non-IT-professionals and students who have no experience in IT can start from scratch and take this project-based Selenium training to become an automation testing engineer.
  • Developers/Programmers who need additional knowledge of automation and Selenium testing.
  • QA Professionals who want to get Selenium certification for better job opportunities and salary
  • Testers who want to make the switch from manual to automation testing.

Anyone without a formal IT certification/degree to earn a software testing certification

What Are The Prerequisites For Taking This Selenium Course?

Anyone keen on learning can take this. However, if you have experience or knowledge of Selenium basics, Java or C, then it would be a bonus.

Why Should I Learn The Selenium Automation Tool?

As per Business Wire, job posts for Selenium testing have grown by over 300% in just the last 3 years. There are a lot of benefits of using the Selenium Webdriver in automation testing, a few of which are below.

  • Selenium is open-sourced. It is available for free, comes with a variety of built-in features and functions, and it can be customized as required. This makes it a versatile and effective testing tool.
  • Selenium WebDriver is one of the fastest APIs, compatible across most major web browsers.
  • It can be integrated with any testing framework to work with an application.

No software is without bugs, and some of the biggest names in every sphere of the software industry use Selenium. From Microsoft to Oracle, HP, and service industry giants like Capgemini and Accenture all rely on Selenium. There is thus a large demand for skilled and innovative automation test professionals.

For developers, automation testing presents an efficient way to test software and ensure that it has minimal bugs. Since developers are already familiar with programming languages, it is easier for them to learn Selenium and leverage it to create better and more efficient software.

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Live Projects for Experience

The experience that you build with the real-time projects is by far more valuable than the regular Selenium training. Why? Solid work experience can help you bag high-paying jobs. But what if you are not getting the required break. You have all the knowledge it takes to get a job, but not able to crack the interviews due to knowledge gaps or lack of confidence. That’s where IIT WorkForce steps in. We help you gain real, authentic experience right after your training course.We assist you in gaining confidence, the hands-on experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Our live, real-time project experience is unmatched that reflects the real-job scenarios and challenges, teamwork, collaboration, professionalism, etc. Most importantly, our real-time project-based training can help you in producing verifiable references and solid work experience on your resume.

Resume-building exercise, interview grooming, and mentoring sessions, mock interview help, and placement assistance are very much apart of our program. All that said, we are tied up with Fortune 5000 companies for acquiring real-time projects for our interns. Our recruitment team works with top MNCs and Fortune 500 companies for placing our interns in their dream jobs to seal our commitment towards our enrollees.

Selenium Certification Course  Syllabus

Module 1: Java

Java is key to using the Selenium Webdriver for automation testing. We will start at the basic level and cover everything from Variables, Arrays, Datatypes to advanced concepts like Exception Handling and Constructors.

Module 2: Selenium

This part involves learning about various locators in Selenium, how to find and handle elements using XPath, frames, etc. It will also include capturing screenshots using Selenium, the interface of the Webdriver, and various navigation methods among other things.

Module 3: Java Framework

This part involves testing including using annotations like @Test, @Before, etc. It also includes Cross Browser Testing, Parallely Executing Tests, and execution of failed tests.

Module 4: Automation Framework
  • What is Data Science & Machine Learning
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Assignment 5
Module 5: Design Pattern

This covers page factory and object models.

Module 6: Build Automation

This covers page factory and object models.

Module 7: Continuous Integration

Use of Jenkins as a continuous integration tool, executing windows commands, management of plugins, download and execute code from Github.

Module 8: Repository Tools

This part covers Github, which is a web-based code repository tool.

Module 9: Git bash

Git bash includes git cloning, branches, push, pull and commit among other commands.

Module 10: Object Repository and Logger

An object repository acts as a centralized location between the application and the test scripts during execution.

Key Features

  • Learn latest build, integration and repository tools during the Selenium Training
  • Covers the latest frameworks
  • Hands-on verifiable experience on resume
  • Building a real-time experience that counts
  • Agile methodology-based projects
  • Daily standup meetings, scrum meetings, user story reviews, and execution.
  • Projects reviewed by team leads daily
  • Live Project-Based training to Get You Job-ready
  • Mock-interviews conducted by actual industry hiring managers
  • Peer reviews and feedback.
  • Resume-building session
  • Placement assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions on Selenium Certification

1. Why Should I Learn Selenium From Iit Workforce?

Through our real-life project-based training, we focus on teaching you not just for obtaining the Selenium certification but also to help you developall the skills and obtain the practical experience needed to become an automation tester. Our methodology includes hands-on training from expert instructors and industry professionals. We also include Dev-Ops concepts in the curriculum so that you can integrate the process of development and testing.

The curriculum focuses on real-life projects to give you hands-on experience with the Selenium Webdriver. You will do everything from its installation and configuration to writing test cases and finding defects in real software. This experience will give you the confidence you need for clearing testing interviews with ease. You will have access to the cloud test lab withcustomer support 24/7. Anyone from a fresher to an experienced IT professional can leverage this course.

2. What Are The Job Opportunities After Learning Selenium?

Selenium is the most widely used automation testing tool in the industry. You can get a job in any of the software firms including big names like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and many others. For developers, learning Selenium will equip them with an additional skill for testing their developed software and provide more opportunities. IT professionals who are looking for better opportunities and salaries can benefit from this course as it will teach them about testing and introduce them to DevOps as well.

3. I Am A Working Professional, How Can I Do This Course?

These project-based training courses are scheduled on weekends and weekday evenings to allow working professionals to earn their Selenium certification. You also get lifetime access to the course and all included material, thus letting you go through it at your own space and convenience. Thus, you can enroll in these classes as per the time that suits you best and go through other assignments and materials whenever you want to.

4. How Much Practical Experience Will I Get With This Course?

In this course, we will teach you how to install and configure Selenium IDE, including its commands, writing test cases, coding in WebDriver, and more. We will also teach you about Maven (build tool), Jenkins (continuous integration), and Github (repository). Further, you will learn about the installation of Eclipse, Firebug, and IDEs. The Cloud Test Lab lets you test on real software and gains hands-on experience.

5. How Will The Course Help Me In Interview Preparation?

Apart from having completed our real-life project training, apart from the certification, you will also get expert guidance on resume and interview preparation. Further, we will provide you with as many mock interview sessions conducted by hiring managers of Fortune 5000 companies which will help you to prepare and be confident for interviews.

6. How Do I Know If This Selenium Testing Certification Course Is Right For Me?

The course can be taken by anyone at any experience level, including those without any IT experience. You can take it at your own pace and convenience. Further, you can take free demo sessions to decide before you enroll in the project-based training course.

Expecting High Pay? Need Experience?

Don’t worry, we have your back! At IIT WorkForce, we follow a 3-step journey. While our first-step focuses on extensive and rigorous training modules, our goal in the 2nd step is to build real-time project experience which can be furnished in your resume. However, the crucial last step is to have you placed in your ideal job!

Selenium Certification Reviews

My project instructorMr. Sudheer, has strong technical skills and explains the topics with conceptual knowledge. His assignments are hands-on and very useful.

He is very patient in explaining any topic repeatedly if needed. I strongly recommend him forSelenium project-based training.

Archana reddy

Selenium Training with project implementation classes is very useful. In sprint automation(Selenium project implementation) training is quite hands-on and helped me gain the confidence to crack interviews. I strongly recommend the IIT WorkForce to everyone looking for an outstanding real-time exposure.

Sandeep patel

IIT Workforce is the best place to learnSelenium hands-on training. The team lead, Mr.Sudheeris very friendly and provided us with useful learning tips and guided me through successful project completion. I not only gained real-time experience in performing automation testing, but the course also helped me emerge as a confident team player. Thank you, IIT Workforce.

Arjun ravi

The Selenium project lead by Mr. Sudheer helped me gain hands-on experience on the Selenium Framework along with an end to end project life cycle knowledge. The workshops and interview questions discussion made me understand even the minute things and build confidence to face interviews. Thank you, Mr. Sudheer.


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