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Our live, project-based Java certification training is by far the most authentic program which is designed to meet the industry standards and expectations as this is where the real-time hiring takes place. We ensure that our trainees once enrolled ace the concepts of beginner-level competency, such as OOP concepts, classes, objects, loops, conditional statements to advanced-level topics like Servlets, XML, Hibernate, Spring/Ajax framework. Remember! At IIT Workforce, you are a Java professional in the making through our project-based curriculum.

About Java Certification Training

The online project-based Java Course is built and designed by the experts in the industry to cover up the basics, brush up what you already know, dive deep into difficult areas, and do it all while ensuring the course brings you closer to your placement and career.
Java Certification Overview

Technology, especially with such a high rate of technological advancement, is one of the most fascinating aspects of the 21st century. With that being said, with increasing technological development comes numerous ways to approach the same.

Anyone who has been captivated or has been engaged with the working of a website, software, or the back-end processes acknowledges the importance of Java as a language. Along with big data and operating system companies, Java is used for smaller projects by budding professionals in the industry.

Through this online Java Certification Training, we invite you to break the traditional barriers that hold education and limit learning. Created by specialists in Java, this real-time, project-based training makes sure it is beginner-friendly, yet covers all the important aspects and features of Java. This essentially helps to initiate the career growth of the learners in a similar industry.

With this online training, not only do you learn Java for free but attain expertise in subject matters such as Supply Chain Management, J2E Concepts, Design Patterns, Testing, Spring Framework, Expression Lang, and many more.

As this Java project-based training classes come to completion from your end, you will be able to execute the language on all platforms with high expertise in the same. Also, to ensure your credibility takes up a hike, you will receive a shareable certificate to move ahead with the job-ready skills through this online training.

What Will You Learn In This Java Course Online?

When you plan to learn Java online, you are not always sure where to start from and what exactly the sequence shall be. Therefore, giving a lot of thought to content and in structuring this Java Training, we have made sure learning Java is one of the most effortless learning experiences for you. In this online Java Certification Training, you will learn: 


  • Introduction to the basics of Java as a programming language. 
  • Your first code. And the rest of the coding-based approach thereafter. 
  • Algorithms, syntax, and logical thinking to write the code. 
  • Object-oriented programming to widen the scope of executing Java.
  • Techniques to handle errors in java. 

Beyond Basics

  • Installing a webserver (Tomcat).
  • Servlet life cycle. 
  • Inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling.
  • (HQL) Hibernate Query Language along with its configuration and association. 
  • Creating security measures such as password protection and public/private key security.
  • Spring bean configurations along with XML configuration associated with it.
  • J2E concepts with session management.
  • Setting up nodes and creating applications. 
  • Java services using REST services.

To help you become job-ready with the above-mentioned and more knowledge that this Java hands-on course provides, the training includes a set of questionnaires to help you ace the job interviews.

Who Should Enroll In This Online Java Certification Training?

Amongst so many features and advantages, one of the most important benefits of Java is that it is easy to learn and apply. Also, this language is widely used and is important for various tasks to be performed. Therefore, you should enroll in this Java course if you are:

  • An aspiring programmer.
  • Looking to build a career as a: scientist, java developer, and associated with IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Interested in learning how to create applications and build games. 
  • An entrepreneur who owns a technology-based company. 
  • A tutor wanting to provide the best of the knowledge to the students. 
  • Willing to engage in a real-time project by yourself.
  • Exploring ways to improve your credibility and earn extra income.
What are The Prerequisites for Taking This Java Certification Training?

We and the trainers work at our best to ensure you learn at your best. Therefore, there is no prior knowledge or factual information required to enroll in this course, as it starts the focus from basics to specific subject matters.

To get started, all you require is:

  • A basic understanding of the working of a computer system.
  • Basic of what programming is.
Benefits of Learning Java

Java is the epicenter of the programming world. It is where most of the programmers start their careers and reach the peak of their careers eventually. To align the same with reasons, here are some of the most important benefits of learning Java: 

Widely Used

As per Oracle, around 3 billion devices in the world run on Java. It is used to build several real-world applications. 

Easy to Learn

Understandably, learning requires time and effort. While Java matches those efforts with high quality and quantity results, the efforts required to learn Java are far lower than learning other similar languages. 

Powerful Development Tools

Java can be integrated with numerous IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) that give programmers ease of facilities to develop software and projects.


As Java is similar to various other languages that are used all over the world, it works as a precursor to learn those languages and other programming expertise. 

Versatile and Platform Independent

Java source code can be executed on any platform with the use of Java Virtual Machine. Also known as WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) due to its independence regarding the platform. 

Wide Career Spectrum 

With the use of Java, various tasks can be performed. Therefore, the career aspects and opportunities widen for people who are associated with Java and know how to use it for achieving great results.

Free Career Counselling

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Live Project for Java Certification

What we offer at IIT WorkForce is one of a kind program that every budding Java developer dreams of. Yes, we offer the real experience that can be published on your resume along with verifiable references, a peer knowledge-sharing platform, and the hands-on experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice. 

Our live, real-time project experience is unmatched that reflects the real-job scenarios and challenges, teamwork, collaboration, professionalism, etc. Most importantly, our real-time project-based training can help you in producing verifiable references and solid work experience on your resume.

Resume-building exercise, interview grooming, and mentoring sessions, mock interview help, and placement assistance are very much apart of our program. All that said, we are tied up with Fortune 5000 companies for acquiring real-time projects for our interns. Our recruitment team works with top MNCs and Fortune 500 companies for placing our interns in their dream jobs to seal our commitment towards our enrollees

Java Certification Course Content and Syllabus

For further and clearer reference, this online certified Java classes consist of the following content, the modules and sections are categorized based on sequence and knowledge expertise in the area.

Module 1: Core Java, JDBC, Reflection

What is JAVA
Hello World Program
Object-Oriented Programming

Java Data Types
Control Statements

Classes and Objects
What is Constructors /Overloading
Inner Classes

Inheritance/super/final keywords
Method Overriding

Interfaces/abstract class

Exception Handling Hierarchy
Exception Handling Programs

Threads/Runnable Interface

IO Streams
Read and Write from/to a file
Serializable Interface

Collection Framework
Collection Hierarchy

Database setup(MySQL/OracleXE)
JDBC architecture & Driver Types
CRUD Operations on DB

Reflection Framework Examples on Reflections

Module 2: J2E Concepts / Servlets / JSP / Expression Lang

J2EE Concepts/Servlets/JSP/Expression Lang
Install Web Server (Tomcat)
Web Application packaging structure
Servlet Life cycle
Servlet Configurations and Context
Servlet Request/Response Object

Servlet Filters
Session Management
Servlet Communication
Response/application/session : setAttribute

Session -15
JSP Technology and Life Cycle
JSP vs Servlet
JSP implicit Objects
Handling Errors in JSP
Expression Language

MVC Architecture
Mini MVC project using the above technologies

What’s XML and its use
Validate XML using XSD/DTD 
XML Parsing using SAX/DOM Parsers

Module 3: Hibernate ORM Network

Hibernate Overview
JDBC vs ORM Framework
Hibernate Configuration
Hibernate Program

Hibernate HBM and CFG file
Read and Save Data using Hibernate

Hibernate Associations
Hibernate Criteria/Projection
Hibernate Query Language(HQL)

Hibernate Algorithms for Primary Key

Module 4: Spring Framework with Spring Boot

Spring Overview
Spring Bean Configurations

Spring Config XML file
Scope of a Bean
Dependency Injection

Spring AOP
Spring JDBC

Spring MVC
Spring Controllers/Handlers
View Resolvers
Spring tags

Spring to Hibernate Configuration

Module 5: Web Services / Design Patterns

WebService Architecture
Exposing WebService Example
Testing WS using SOAP UI

WebService using Apache CXF/Tomcat
Spring WebServices
RESTful WebServices

Username/password Security
Public/Private key Security
TopDown/BottomUp Approach

Module 6: JMS / Maven / LOG4J

JMS Architecture
Configuring Topic/Queue on Active MQ
JMS Translations

Module 7: Version Control / Unit Testing

Version Control
Junit Test/ Log4J

Module 8: ReactJS

Setting Up Node/NPM
Creating Hello World React App

Understanding Components
Life Cycle of React Component

React with Java Services using REST Service

Session Management using Redux

Key Features

  • Free demo available before enrollment. 
  • Practical approach and real-time projects to acquire hands-on experience 
  • Covering the latest technologies and updated lessons of updated versions. 
  • Hands-on verifiable experience on resume
  • Building a real-time experience that counts
  • Agile methodology-based projects
  • Daily standup meetings, scrum meetings, user story reviews, and execution.
  • Projects reviewed by team leads daily 
  • Live Project-Based training to Get You Job-ready
  • Mock-interviews conducted by actual industry hiring managers
  • Peer reviews and feedback.
  • Resume-building session
  • Placement assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions on Associated With Java

To learn Java, is there a need for a technological background?

It is not necessary to come from a technical background to learn this programming language. However, we suggest doing basic research regarding aspects of what you will learn and go through basic terms.

How long does it take to learn Java?

While this language is easy to learn, it requires application of the same through a practical approach to ensure you held onto what you learned. Therefore, after this 100-hours online course, an approximate of 10 weeks is required to become a pro in Java.

Is knowing Java enough to get a job?

As it is a programming language, theoretical knowledge regarding Java will not help you build a career out of it. You must know data structures, algorithms, and have experience in real-time project work using Java. That is why we focus on the hands-on experience approach in this online Java Certification Training.

What are the best features of Java?

Some of the best features of Java are: 

  • It is one of the familiar programming languages used worldwide, making it easier to explore other programming languages as well. 
  • Java supports functional programming. 
  • As it is multithreaded in design, the language is highly interactive and responsive. 
  • It comes with numerous security features built right into it to maintain the safety and ease of the programmer.
What is the next step after learning this language from the Online Java Training Course?

On the completion of the course, you will receive a certification that increases your credibility. Along with that, our team will maintain constant contact with you to support you throughout the placement processes during and after the completion of the course. 

To gain a wholesome and fuller advantage from the course, we suggest to follow these steps during and after completing the course:

  • Enroll the course with a friend, it will not only get you a study buddy but increase the efficiency required to write algorithms. 
  • Write down what you learn and practice all codes after each session.
  • Download the modules and practice it regularly for 2 hours and carry the same for more than 6 months.

Expecting High Pay? Need Experience?

Don’t worry, we have your back! At IIT WorkForce, we follow a 3-step journey. While our first-step focuses on extensive and rigorous training modules, our goal in the 2nd step is to build real-time project experience which can be furnished in your resume. However, the crucial last step is to have you placed in your ideal job!

Java Certification Reviews

IIT Workforce is one of the best IT training centers in the world. They cover almost all the premium courses and the Java Project Lead, Mr. Rishi is very knowledgeable. Their support team and the staff are really friendly which makes the learning process even more fun.
Archana reddy

I enrolled for a Java Project as an aspiring Java developer in IIT Workforce. The team lead, Mr. Rishi was very interactive with the trainees so that we don’t feel any hesitation to ask our questions to get clarified. I found that the entire project helped me become a hands-on Java developer even before I started on my job. I recommend project-based training at IIT Workforce to every aspiring IT professional.
Kiriti Devaraj

I completed the Java project under the guidance of Mr. Rishi who was extremely good and understanding. The examples and the use cases which have been demonstrated in the sessions were real-time and the way the trainer guided is very commendable.
Rahul divakram

As we inched towards the project completion, I became pretty sure that I will get placed very soon.
It was not just because of the placement assistance IIT Workforce offers, but also due to my improved confidence levels.

Kudos to the entire IIT Workforce, training, and support teams.

Swetha Kodre

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