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The Python Certification course which is essentially a live, real-time project-based training at IIT WorkForce is best suited for those who intend to master the ubiquitous programming language along with its intense libraries such as Sci-Py, sci-kit learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pandas, NumPy, Cmath, etc. As a part of our curriculum, you will be proficient in Python programming language for web and Data Science. While we focus on delivering hands-on, live project-based training throughout the course, we finish it with assisting our interns in getting placed in Fortune 5000 companies.

About Python Certification Training

Learn Python and master it through our live, project-based training at IIT WorkForce, and achieve expertise in hands-on experience to build a career out of this training.
Python certification Overview

Anyone who is fascinated by one or various aspects of Information Technology understands the importance of writing code to solve a problem. It is that simple, however, not easy. Therefore, this online training in Python focuses on providing the participants with the best ways to learn Python. While creating this Python certification training, our team, along with the Python experts, emphasized on giving the important and complicated tasks a rather easy-to-learn and practical approach.

We understand that the traditional education system does not necessarily and always meet the preferred timing, manner, and demographic of the students altogether. Above that, the lengthy, time-consuming, and time-specific classroom-based learning is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, this Python project-basedtraining course is entirely flexible and learn it at the comfort of your home and schedule.

During the course of Python classes, the training experts help you to learn the language from the ground, ace all the steps and get you ready to build a career in Information Technology through our hands-on training.

There are millions of job opportunities waiting for the skills that you bring to the table. Having said that, once you have mastered the Python language and its practical aspects, the course offers help in building a resume to highlight your accomplishment.

What will you learn in this Python course online?

This online Python course covers everything you need to know to begin your career. As we focus on Python for beginners, the course teaches:

❏     Tools required to work with Python.

❏     Installation and setup

❏     Object-oriented concepts in Python

❏     Basics like variables, loops, and functions in Python

❏     Exception and file handling

❏     MySQL

❏     Python Django

Apart from working as a Python crash course to teach you the language: theoretically and practically, this project-based training course will help you in the following aspects:

  • Writing algorithms to build real projects. Before the actual coding is done, you need to understand how an algorithm works and why it is important to solve a problem. The course shines a light on in-depth knowledge on how to take inputs, solve a problem, and produce the required output.
  • Web development. The leading web developers and application programmers provide their services with the use of Python and python based open-source web framework like Django. The language is considered one of the best means to create server-side web applications. Along with that, the course will help you with developer productivity and also train in the methods to provide rapid development of applications.
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. IBM’s machine learning department’s member, Jean Francois Puget, shared his views on the importance of python in machine learning and artificial intelligence and believe that python is the most important popular language for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, after the Python basics and its object-oriented programming is covered, the course explores the world of data science with python.

To help you assess your knowledge and to give hands-on experience, the training includes a regular review by project lead after each segment in the course syllabus.

Who should take up this Python training certification course?

Despite the numerous uses of Python, some python experts and web developers believe the best feature of python is- it is easy to use and adapt. This course keeps the same feature on focus and makes the syntax fun and coding an easy task. Therefore you should enroll in this online project-based training course if you are:

  • A beginner looking to learn Python language
  • Aspiring to have a full-time career and job opportunities in:
  1. Data science
  2. Software engineering
  3. Data analyzing
  4. Machine learning
  5. Business analyzing 
  6. Financial advising
  7. Programming
  • An educator or teacher aiming to widen the area of expertise
  • Exploring ways to earn more and quality career credentials
  • Web developers who want to explore an easy and fast way to develop website and applications 
  • Anyone interested in building a real-time project on their own
  • A budding Python programmer
What are The Prerequisites for Taking This Python Online Training

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, we have made sure we provide you with the most of it. This course does not work as a hard way to learn Python, to ensure that we have minimized the prerequisites for this course. To get started, you need:

  • No prior knowledge of Python, however, good to have the programming knowledge of other languages like C++ or Java
  • A system
  • Basic understanding of how a computer works 
  • Fine internet connection will be of help as some classes will be live to help you understand the concepts better and to get rid of any doubts that you must have
  • The basic difference between Python 2 and Python 3
Benefits of Learning Python Programming Language

Python is more than just a programming language. When it comes to technology, developing, and testing, you can use the language for almost everything. The comparison based on the Google search results shows that Python is one of the most important languages to learn. Also, it is trending like never before. Well, these are not the only reasons to learn any language, let alone Python. To give you some clarity regarding the language and this course, here are some reasons and benefits that answer why you should take this course and learn python programming language:

The language is beginner-friendly. Many technologies and programming languages require a whole other technology or language as a basic requirement to learn the same. Having said that, it is not the case with Python. Thus, this course actually works wonders for beginners. 

It pays well. The features and requirements for python are undoubtedly important, but when you are considering building your career based on python, it is also important to know the monetary aspect of the same. In the United States, Python is the second best-paying programming language with around $103,500 per year. 

These are the major industries that cannot do without Python:

  1. Scientific Computing and Data Science
  2. Startups
  3. Web Development
  4. Software Testing
  5. Fintech (Financial Technology)
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Gaming Industry

Python is a time-saving language. While activities like writing algorithms, coding, developing web, and testing software do take time, it is safe to say that with Python, you save a ton of it. The classic ‘Hello’ program requires a one-line code in Python. Whereas, it takes around 3-5 lines of coding in other programming languages. 
It is an open-source language. In simpler words, the source code of Python is accessible to the public. There is no payment or charges required to install and use Python as a platform. Also, it is not difficult to set Python, the same is taught in the course.

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Live Projects for Experience

Real experience as well as fake experience can help you bag high-paying jobs. But what if, we help you gain real, authentic experience right after your training course? Think about the confidence that builds in you, the hands-on experience you gain that bridges the gap between theory and practice. 

Our live, real-time project experience is unmatched that reflects the real-job scenarios and challenges, teamwork, collaboration, professionalism, etc. Most importantly, our real-time project-based training can help you in producing verifiable references and solid work experience on your resume.

Resume-building exercise, interview grooming, and mentoring sessions, mock interview help, and placement assistance are very much apart of our program. All that said, we are tied up with Fortune 5000 companies for acquiring real-time projects for our interns. Our recruitment team works with top MNCs and Fortune 500 companies for placing our interns in their dream jobs to seal our commitment towards our enrollees

Python Certification Course  Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Python
  • Python Installation and Setup
  • Required Tools: Installation and Setup
  • Variables and Operators
  • Controls and Loops
  • Classes and Functions
  • Data Structures
Module 2: Python Core Concepts
  • Inheritance
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Python DB (MySQL)
  • Python MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Python Unit Testing
Module 3: Python Web
  • Python JSON
  • Python Django + Tools Setup
  • Creating End to End App in Django
Module 4: Python for Data Science
  • What is Data Science & Machine Learning
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Assignment 5
Additional Support
  • Unix Introduction
  • Github: Creating & using repository
  • Resume Building
  • 121 – Interview Mock / Study Plan

The course also includes Cloud test lab access to practice what you learn. Once the course is completed, along with certification lectures, our HR team connects with you to assist in exploring job opportunities and getting a job.

Key Features

  • Hands-on verifiable experience on resume
  • Building a real-time experience that counts
  • Agile methodology-based projects
  • Daily standup meetings, scrum meetings, user story reviews and execution.
  • Projects reviewed by team leads on a daily basis 
  • Live Project-Based training to Get You Job-ready
  • Mock-interviews conducted by actual industry hiring managers
  • Peer reviews and feedback.
  • Resume-building session
  • Placement assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions on Python Certification

Can I teach myself Python?

Yes, with the help of our course: Python project-based Training, it is easier for you to learn Python and turn into a self-practitioner from a student of Python.

If I do not come from a technological background, can I learn Python?

Yes, you can learn Python. Python is one of the easiest to learn and easy to use languages and does not require any prior technical knowledge.

How long does it take to become a pro in Python?

While Python is easy, just like any other new skill or language, it requires its time to reach expertise. On average, you can learn Python completely in 1 month, and with the daily practice of 1-2 hours, you can become proficient in python in around 8-10 months through our hands-on training program.

What are the best 5 features of Python?
  1. It is an object-oriented language. It does not have access to only specific users.
  2. Writing Python code is fast and running it is easier as compared to other languages
  3. It is a portable and cross-platform language.
  4. Python has a large standard library.
  5. Unlike Java, Python supports multiple inheritances.
After learning Python through this course, where can I get a job?

As the course covers Python from its basics to its usage in data science, the job opportunities take a wider turn. Along with companies like Netflix and Dropbox, the big four tech companies, GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) also require Python web developers and Python experts.

Is Python enough to get a good job in programming?

The language, Python, is easy to learn from scratch, but if you look forward to having a career as a programmer based on Python, you must be prepared with a strong and well-researched knowledge of the language and its concepts.

What are the key differences between Python 2.x and Python 3.x?

Some of the differences between Python 2.x and Python 3.x are:

Python 2.x Python 3.x
The syntax is complicated as compared to version: Python 3 The syntax is easier and simpler.
After dividing integers, the value received is also an integer. Whenever integers are divided, the output is a float value.
Libraries created for this version are not as forward-compatible Some of the recent libraries created by developers in Python 3.x are only accessible if this version is used.


What is the next step after learning this language from Python Online Training Course?

On the completion of the project-based training, you will receive a certification that increases your credibility. Above that, because the course aims to build your career while teaching Python, our team will support you during and after the course to get a job you aspire for.

To gain a wholesome and fuller advantage from the course, we suggest to enroll the course with a friend, it will not only get you a study buddy but increase the efficiency required to write algorithms.

Expecting High Pay? Need Experience?

Don’t worry, we have your back! At IIT WorkForce, we follow a 3-step journey. While our first-step focuses on extensive and rigorous training modules, our goal in the 2nd step is to build real-time project experience which can be furnished in your resume. However, the crucial last step is to have you placed in your ideal job!

Python Certification Reviews

I had recently completed my Python course online which was purely project-based from IIT WorkForce and it was a wonderful experience. I have gained knowledge of the key libraries and Python coding in detail and the explanation provided was good. I can’t wait to get placed as a Python programmer, which I am sure is not too far away from now.

Divya reddy

The entire process of learning Python was fun and easy and so interesting that you never get bored. You can get Python certified in a few weeks even with no programming knowledge. It’s a good starting point for beginners. Thank you, IIT WorkForce.

Kiriti Devaraj

Wonderful experience learning Python and programming as a whole from IIT WorkForce under the guidance of the instructor, Mr Rishi. Everything is broken down into simple modules making it easy to understand. Had no coding experience whatsoever before enrolling in this class. And it was easy and fun to get into learning all this in one go!

Rahul divakram

After trying many different resources to learn Python, I have finally found one that works! IIT WorkForce has given me the right curriculum, good knowledge, a way to build verifiable experience, and last but not least the confidence to crack any interview seamlessly. The course was very much fun and educational, overall!

Swetha Kodre

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