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Quality Assurance Testing

iiTworkforce offer Quality Assurance live project training from industry experts

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a field that has seen great evolution over the years. What was once a field that had to convince management to even be included is now an inevitable, important and innovative branch of IT. QA experience is phenomenal to gain and can open the doors to many realms of career choices and business understanding. For those willing to go further in QA there are in-numerous options- like being QA team members and moving on to QA lead/manager roles, and becoming performance/automation/database/security/usability/etc. specialists. Or a QA role can be your introduction to growing into business analysts, technical writers or even into being a pre-sales professional. The options are endless and the career is as exciting as ever.

For those without the right understanding and awareness of QA, they often do not see the field for what it really is. It is so much more than coming in at the end, pushing some buttons, and declaring whether or not something works. If it were to be so simple, QA would simply be one-dimensional testing that finds bugs that already happened. But, it isn’t just that. Quality Assurance is a systematic, strategic method and process that involves understanding the software, incorporating Quality control early on, defect prevention, process establishment-implementation-control, defect detection etc.

The unique opportunity that we provide to our trainees is that we have a real-time project set up that offers a twofold advantage:

1. This program helps bridge the gap in knowledge acquisition and brings in practical experience that will help our participants gain confidence and excel in real-time situations.

2. This program will ensure that the real-time project work experience is reflected in our enrollees’ resume. Additionally, verifiable references will instill confidence from the employer in the candidate’s expertise

Our program incorporates Agile Scrum methodology in combination with traditional software life cycle methods to make sure our trainees get the best work experience. The QA project involves:

• QA project initiation
• Team Interaction
• Requirement Analysis
• Test Planning
• Test designing
• Daily Stand-up meetings
• Interaction with Developers to track a bug through its the defect life cycle
• Backend database testing
• Middleware testing

We offer projects in different domains like:

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QA Testing

This Hands-on program is like no other in the market. At the end of this journey, it will establish our trainees as QAs and brings a lot of credibility to their resume. It gives them a credible competitive advantage in the job market.