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Selenium Webdriver

iiTworkforce offer Selenium Webdriver live project training from industry experts


In the world of Functional Test Automation, Selenium is definitely a force to reckon. Selenium IDE and the more powerful WebDriver are the most widely used Test Automation tools for both small and large companies. Currently, Selenium is open-sourced, and the IDE version provides the flexibility for Automation Engineers to create their tests in multiple programming languages. However, the Webdriver, which is the more advanced version of Selenium, uses Java as its main programming language medium.

Selenium IDE and Webdriver are very versatile and can be used for various applications without being a major financial overhead for companies. Selenium is so popular in the current test automation circles that some companies have made it a mandatory skill to learn for their testing teams.

iiT Work Force internship program:

The unique opportunity that we are bringing forward to our interns is that we have a real-time project setup that has benefits that are twofold compared to others. On one level, the program helps bridge the gap in the knowledge acquisition process and brings in lots of practical experience that will help our participants gain confidence and excel in real-time situations.

On the other hand, this program will ensure the reflection of real project work experience and verifiable references on your resume. This part of the program will instill the employer with confidence in your expertise. Our program incorporates the Agile SCRUM methodology in combination with the traditional life cycle methods to make sure that we make the most out of the experience. We have the entire process of project initiation, team interaction, requirement analysis, test planning, designing, daily stand-up meetings, interaction with developers to fix a bug, multiple devices, simulator, and networks, etc.

In addition to the above, the selenium program specifically targets the following:

  • Mobile and Web application automation using Selenium WebDriver
  • Multiple domain related projects for a well-rounded experience
  • Best practice creation, implementation and presentation in a collaborative environment
  • Creating and implementation of the most apt test automation framework
  • Integration of database/data-driven testing

This hands-on program is like no other in the market and will establish you as a Selenium expert, bring a lot of credibility to your resume and will help you bag a competitive role that gets you the best industry salaries.

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