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IITworkforce offer Customer Relationship Management live project training from industry experts
At iiTworkForce, we help IT aspirants fulfill their dreams. We assist those candidates who are technically skilled but lack practical knowledge through our real-time projects which essentially builds the hands-on working experience and confidence they need to pave their way to top companies.

On completion of domains-specific, job-oriented real-time project-based training at iiT workForce,our expert HR team has been successful in placing our interns in Fortune 500 companies.

Having said that, we provide live projects in Healthcare, Banking Financial Services and Insurance, Telecom, CRM, and Supply Chain Management domains having partnered with established firms in the United States and across the globe.

As an IT training provider, we would like to stress the fact that top employers look for domain expertise along with technical knowledge for various reasons which include improved productivity and their capability to build comprehensive applications among others.

What is CRM? How will a real-time CRM project help our interns in their careers?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the one force that keeps the companies going; not just going but running. According to a study by Gartner, by 2021 CRM will be the key area where all the businesses will look at for investing. And why not? Let’s understand the ‘why’ part of it first.

Customers are fundamental to any business. Be it, retail marketing, recruiting, food, technology, e-commerce, healthcare, or telecom, CRM is a single solution for all. With the ideal CRM tool and its perfect delivery in place, the CRM solution can help the businesses perform extremely well through managing the customers and potential customers. It is all about improving the business relationship with all the individuals involved in the company, which could be customer retention, dealing with service users, networking with colleagues, or maintaining a healthy relationship with suppliers.

CRM is a tool that helps the business maintain all the data such as the customer information, any service issues, sales opportunities, information on marketing campaigns, and records every customer interaction on one platform.

This data translates to increased productivity as all the customer details, all sales records, any service issues related to the product, and much more details are easily available to everyone who has access to the tool. All the details about a customer can be viewed on a dashboard. The tool might also allow one to include the customers’ interaction on social media such as his likes and dislikes concerning a product. This data helps drive business growth.


customer relationship management

Let’s see how the CRM system can help one’s business:

  • Providing better customer support: The CRM tool helps the businesses find new customers, keep the existing customers happy, suggest recommendations, and maintain a healthy relationship with them.
  • Spikes up your bottom line: Improve sales, productivity, and ultimately revenue by improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improves Business Flow: CRM systems allow you to connect with essential apps for your line of business, such as for document signing, billing, and surveys that help improve the business flow.
  • Saves time and effort: Automates activities like data-entry, service case routing which helps reduce the time and resources consumption.
  • Insights on products and services: With the available 360-degree view of the customer, the CRM tool is capable of providing valuable insights on the customer reaction to any product. This helps the businesses build the right approach to deal with the said customer.

As mentioned, the future scope of CRM seems very positive from where we stand today as an increasing number of businesses are investing in CRM tools and solutions to improve their productivity.

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