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Supply Chain Management

iiTworkforce offer Supply chain Management live project training from industry experts

Supply chain management is simply the tracking and managing of commodities. The said commodities might be products or services, based on the type of business we are dealing with. It starts with decisions like where to store the goods, how to process them, how to manage the processing phases, maintaining inventory accurately, and all the other intermediary steps that happen between the raw material procurement to end product delivery.

Supply chain management can be immediately associated to the manufacturing industry. However, that is not all. Services also come under the SCM vertical. Couriers are one very apt example to state in this area.

Supply chain management systems are usually complex and interface with lots of third party entities which make their building and testing that much more complicated. Supply chain management application at their core, though might be the same, but they vary from business to business and can range from simple 2-3 step processes to 100s of steps.

An experience in the SCM domain can extremely benefit the effective understanding of the system and the business model, thus enabling better business decisions and testing.

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