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iiTworkforce offer Healthcare live project training from industry experts

Healthcare Project based Training on all the latest technologies.

We provide Project based Training on Healthcare domain in QA TestingHP UFTBusiness Analysis,Advanced JavaMobile Applications, and Big Data/Hadoop

Healthcare projects have gained immense prominence in recent times. Applications in Healthcare can be classified into two types.

There are many other, but these two are most significant.

1.Health Insurance:

  • Understand payee and insurance provider roles
  • Plans
  • Upgrade and downgrade of plans
  • Statements
  • Hospitals and doctor information
  • Claims
  • Payments and billing

2. Hospital Management

  • Patient information maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing

iiT Workforce Healthcare Domain Project

Manage My Patient is a Hospital Management System (HMS) that allows the patients, doctors, and hospital administrators to work together more effectively and efficiently at their convenience.

In the HMS system, patients can view and schedule appointments, pay outstanding fees, view policies and procedures, check their health reports, see their medical history, and send messages to doctors. Patients can also search for their symptoms and find treatment options.
The HMS system will allow doctors to organize the patient records, view and update medical information for each patient, view and add prescriptions, view scheduled appointments, and manage many other options.

Hospital Administrators can use this system for submitting and viewing the insurance claims.

Overall, the HMS System brings in more transparency and convenience to patients, doctors, and hospital administrators.

Included in our Healthcare Domain Project

  • End-to-end Project to gain experience on different phases of the Project
  • Work on different tools in real-time environment for hands-on experience
  • Agile and Waterfall methodologies to get exposure on the most popular methodologies
  • Small team to provide individual attention by the mentor
  • Project material (Pdf files, videos)
  • Individual Performance Reviews
  • Verifiable References
  • Guidance on Interview and Resume preparation

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