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IIT Workforce provides 100% project-based IT online training in Selenium, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Python, and Java.

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Reviews on Google about IIT Workforce
Asha Vakare
Asha Vakare
Anjum was very helpful in my building my confidence. She allowed me to learn a lot of technical skills as well as soft skills, and her practicals really prepared me for my career.
Aruls Ravikumar
Aruls Ravikumar
I recently completed my healthcare project with Ms. Anjum at IIT workforce. I personally liked the way She handled the team. She has profound knowledge and knows the nuances of Software Testing. So, her instructions were simple yet clear through out the phases of SDLC. After reviewing the submitted work, She used to give her genuine feedback along with essential points for the improvement. Thanks Anjum for being there for us. I would highly recommend IIT workforce to the QA aspirants who wanted to grow professionally better. That would be possible with the great guidance of the Test Lead, Ms. Anjum.
I highly recommend Team Lead Anjum at iitworkforce real time project. She is very knowledgeable, instructions are very simple and clear . She is always there when I have a question and I learned a lots from her.
Devi Av
Devi Av
I highly recommend IIT workforce. I did Manual Testing project training, and Anjum has good knowledge and teaching skills that make learning so easy and exciting. Thank you, Anjum and IIT Workforce.
Bukola Olajide
Bukola Olajide
I had a good experience with IIT workforce, especially Ms. Anjum for her patient and humility towards her team. I will definitely recommend this team to the world.
R Ranjita
R Ranjita
I would strongly recommend IIT Workforce and Ms Anjum's rich knowledge sharing and guidance for any aspirant's QA journey. It has been my privilege having Ms Anjum's as my project Test Lead. Under her supervision i learned and improved many hands on skills required to work competitively in any industry. Her Corporate professionalism, rich experience, deep understanding of subject, tools, testing techniques and test methodologies makes her one of the best leader to reach out for guidance and support. Thank you IIT workforce for giving me the opportunity and platform to enhance my skills and be a part of the real time client based project.
Sharmila Raghavan
Sharmila Raghavan
I recently Completed my Banking application Project with Anjum. She is a very good Instructor and has a deep knowledge in testing field and answers to all our questions. She makes sure that we got all the concepts and pushes us to find the answers by ourselves. With her motivation and help I strongly believe I will be successful in getting a job and start my career.
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan
Its been a wonderful experience learning with IiT work force and my team lead Anjum really got professional experience while doing project with them Thank you
Gauri Sinha
Gauri Sinha
I was on a healthcare project with IIT workforce recently, and it really honed on my QA skills further than I expected. Although it was challenging, my mentor and Team Lead, Anjum, made it easy to learn. In the end, the assigned work has been completed and reviewed as scheduled. At times it was little stressful, but I believe the project really worked well for me. I wish all the best to all of my team members and thanks to Anjum.

Who we are

IIT workforce is a project-oriented IT training platform and gives our interns raw projects that they’d face in the industry.

Our Commitment

We are focused on improving the hands-on skills required to work competitively in various industries.

To Clients
Our clients have our unflinching support in meeting their project requirements and delivering top-notch results within the agreed-upon time frame. We go over and above to ensure that our result surpasses the client’s expectations concerning the deadline, instructions, and quality of the job done.
To Trainees
Our trainees are taught using live projects. We simulate an internship-like experience, where every day comes with its peculiar challenges. Our dedicated team of instructors guides them to tackle real-life problems using case studies. The training aims to groom them not only on tech skills but also critical soft skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking. Wielding these skills, they go on to land high-paying tech jobs upon completion and become key team members in Agile companies.

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Learn python, one of the most popular programming languages for web development.

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Learn how to build internet based applications in a portable manner with Java


Learn how to use Selenium for automated testing and quality assurance tests.

Quality Assurance

Learn how to ensure your products & applications are developed & deployed in line with best practices

Business Analyitics

Learn how to quantify business values and translate those values into effective business decisions.

Big data and Hadoop

Learn how to store and retrieve big data in an efficient manner with Hadoop.


My experience with the IIT workforce has been wonderful. My team lead was Anjum and I was lucky to get a chance to work with such a knowledgeable person. I learned a lot of concepts of QA while working with her on this project. She is very prompt in answering all the project queries. The best thing about her is that she always encourages you to do your best and does not believe in spoon-feeding. I can say I have become a very confident person because of the experience I gained working with her.

– Ruchira Chandorkar

The IIT workforce provides very good hands-on training for individuals with non-IT backgrounds. I’m really impressed with Ms.Anjum’s training. She provided so many details related to the project and she is very friendly, patient, and very understanding. She guided me in such a way that made me more comfortable and easy to learn.

– Bhuvana Srikanth

My IIT workforce journey was very good. I really appreciate that the IIT workforce gives the platform for the new people to get experience in the QA field. My team lead was Anjum and I am grateful to Anjum. She is very knowledgeable and helpful for every step in the project. I learned a lot from her. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enriching project session.

– Sandhya Sawant

IIT Workforce is definitely the best place to learn any software course. The training covers basic concepts to an expert level and gets you ready for a professional work environment. Hands-on project experience is a big plus. I completed my Health care project under the guidance of Anjum Khan. She was our mentor, a very knowledgeable person, provided valuable insights, and guided us through a full software testing life cycle.

– Viji Jayaraman