A career in I.T. services can seem like a scary and uncertain career path for those flirting with the idea. iiTWorkForce reassures those who are uncertain that, through our building work experience with real time live projects, our I.T. staffing department and software development services are a powerful combination. We are innovators in the world of IT development and training, which puts as a powerful force within the technological world. In this post, we’re going to explore the power iiTWorkForce offers you.


When it comes to working in the I.T. world, being trained with the latest Software testing training and placement in USAand greatest technological advancements puts you ahead of the game and job competition. One of our highlighted training comes from quality assurance. Quality assurance is incredibly important in the world of I.T. as it ensures that all softwares and services are running as efficiently and effectively as they should be. This field has seen immense evolution over the years, and will indeed continue to do so. Not only can quality assurance be a good career path within I.T., it can also be an introduction to growing into business analysts, technical writers or a pre-sales professional. The opportunity that iiTWorkforce offers our trainees is the opportunity to work on real time projects that help bridge the gap in knowledge acquisition and practice, as well as provide an incredible addition to your resume as you have already first hand worked on a project before. We also offer training in Quick Test Professional. This is an advanced, keyword driven automation software, that is a cutting edge addition to many businesses. This is a great way to train and explore automation and acquire expertise in this to bring to your professional career after training. iiTWorkforce also offers training in Selenium WebDriver. This is a power force in the world of functional test automation, and is one of the most advanced versions of selenium. This provides you with the knowledge with one of the most cutting edge and insightful skills in the world of I.T. This is so applicable to employment that many businesses and companies have made it a skill that is mandatory to learn for testing teams. iiTWorkforce offers an internship program with Selenium WebDriver that provides trainees with the advantage of real time experience. This helps instill both confidence and knowledge acquisition within this IT skill. Also, the selenium program helps you understand mobile and web application automation with Selenium WebDriver, offering you powerful knowledge when entering the IT workforce. Furthermore, iiTWorkforce also offers real time live project based training in business analysis, a skill that is extremely helpful with almost any career, even outside of I.T. With Advanced Java being one of the most popular medium for software implementation, iiTWorkforce also offers training in this field. Java is king within software development, and a growing number of automation tools are beginning to implement Java as a programming medium. The experience iiTWorkforce offers our trainees is the ability to play a real time, active role in development within this medium. Last, but definitely not least, iiTWorkforce offers Mobile Applications real time projects. In the world where mobile applications are becoming more prominent than ever. Mobile applications are utilized on a variety of platforms, so we help you gain in understanding in that, as well as create an effective and engaging mobile application.

Real Time Projects

To back up our phenomenal training services, iiTWorkforce offers our trainees the ability to work on real time projects. This is a powerful force with learning, as learning is reinforced with actual application. We offer internship programs for each of the Quality Assurance, Selenium WebDriver, Quick Test Professional, Java, Business Analysis and Mobile Applications. This helps you bridge that necessary gap between knowledge acquisition and application to real time projects. This gives you the advantage of experience, which sticks out compared to other applicants. Furthermore, this is a powerful addition to a resume. Employers are more likely to hire someone who not only thoroughly learned, but applied the knowledge into a real time project.

Staffing Services

On the topic of impressing employees, iiTWorkforce also is in contact with small, Software testing training and placement in USAmedium and large companies. Our name brings about quality experience, and our trainees are ensured to have leverage by carrying the weight of our name. We understand the industry, and our staffing specialists coordinate with our clients. This helps us understand their business requirements, and allows us to respond with talented individuals who could be an impactful addition to the company. We pre-evaluate the skills of our talent pool, ensuring that our best, or the best match for the job, is chosen. The staffing services at iiTWorkForce are a great resource for individuals who have successfully gone through training with real time work experience. Not only do you have the iiTWorkforce name with you, you have experience on real projects to put on your resume. Power lies with experience and knowledge, and you acquire both with iiT WorkForce.

With training, real time experience and staffing services, iiTWorkForce is a powerful avenue for individuals looking to gain a meaningful career within the world of IT. We are dedicated to providing quality training, offering access to real time projects, to build work experience and enhance your career opportunities. If you’ve been waiting to enter the I.T. workforce, wait no more. Contact iiTWorkForce today, or visit our website to learn more.