Both Java and Python are robust programming languages with vast libraries and widely adopted across industries. So, it’s an apple to apple comparison when we say which language is better among the two. 

There might be a lot of ambiguity among the learners as to which programming language to pick between the two for a brighter future. 

Which is easy to learn. Is it Java? Or Python? One needn’t learn Python the hard way, or Java for that matter as many online courses, ebooks, recorded videos are available for the benefit of the learners to ace the languages.

All that you need to know about Java

Java has been around since 1995 and one of the oldest programming languages in the world. Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a multi-purpose, generic programming language. Java is an object-oriented programming language, very much in the lines of C++, meant to develop the following applications:

  • Developing Android applications
  • Web applications
  • Server applications especially in the financial industries
  • Software tools
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Scientific applications

Many companies continue to use Java despite what you might read or know, including

  • JP Morgan
  • Capital One
  • Microsoft
  • Intel

All that you need to know about Python

Python is arguably the top favorite among the programmers in this century. Python is also a general-purpose programming language invented by Guido Van Rossum in the late 1980s. It is an open-source programming language and there is a huge community that maintains it. 

Python manages to apply object-oriented programming, but the best part of Python is it is a dynamically-typed language. It is considered to be a simple and easy programming language to learn especially for beginners.

Python is one of those unseen elements but used extensively for building:

  • Operating Systems
  • Desktop applications
  • Data Analysis
  • Mobile Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Building financial applications

Differences between Java and Python 

Speed of ExecutionJava is faster in execution, reliable as compared to PythonPython is not as fast as Java and offers one of the slowest architectures to the programmers.
Ease of LearningJava is relatively complex as compared to Python.Python is the easiest programming language to learn especially for beginners.
Most TrendingJava is a widely-used programming language even today, but Python is becoming the programmers’ choice due to its ease of coding.Python is the most adopted language and popular too.
Web DevelopmentBoth the programming languages are not used for front-end development. Java frameworks like Spring are used for backend development for security, reliability, and effectiveness.Both the programming languages are not used for front-end development. Python offers Django and Flask for web development for performing various data operations.
Games developmentWhile both the programming languages are not ideal for game development, Java’s JMonkeyEngine is used for game development.Python’s Cocos, Panda3d, and Pygame are usually used for game development, if not for building high-end games.
Machine LearningJava is used for Machine Learning and is used at a large scale, enterprise-level. However, Java cannot be used from scratch for developing ML applications. Python, on the other hand, is considered one of the best options for ML. Most of the ML developers use Python for the various libraries and packages it offers.
Data ScienceJava is not so popular in the Data Science field.Python is the most popular programming language in Data Science.
Readability and formattingJava is more complex as compared to Python.Python offers decent formatting for coding as compared to Java.
ExpressivenessPython is more expressive than Java.Shorter code in Python can get the same results as in any other programming language.
ArchitectureJava’s architecture is as yet considered to be the best. Java code is converted to the machine language which is compiled at the time of execution.Python code is converted into byte code which is in turn converted to the machine code. The machine code is not translated at the run time. 
PerformanceAlthough both the programming languages are platform-independent, Java code is compiled at execution and does it in advance.Python code is compiled at runtime. Although Python doesn’t have the advanced compilation capability, a few of Python’s variants such as PyPy is capable of doing it.
JobsPopular jobs are there are Python and Java, however, Python jobs have a better future than traditional Java jobs.Considering the prospects, Python jobs in the fields of Data Science, AI, etc are high-paying and outshine the traditional jobs.


Python is considered to be an excellent choice especially if you are a beginner. It is simpler to code despite being a great option for a wide range of projects mentioned above. 

Java, on the other hand, is relatively complex but helps you think like a programmer and an excellent medium to become an expert programmer. 

Although both are powerful and popular programming languages, if you have to pick between the two for the future, then Python is the best option.

On the other hand, if you hope to build a career in web development, then Java can be your destination.