Software QA is primarily focused on finding defects in a software product be it through manual testing, or automated testing process. It helps you understand whether the software product built is functioning as per expectations. Hence, SQA is crucial for any project in the IT industry. The right quality assurance certification with exposure to real-time projects can help you gain the SQA jobs readily.

Why is QA automation important?

There are very few jobs left of late for manual QA testers. Where there was a requirement for 10 manual SQA testers, the job has been reduced to 5. Manual testing is slowly being replaced by automation testing.

A high emphasis is being laid on automating the QA testing in the companies. 

  • For one less human interaction is required once the software testing is automated. 
  • Secondly, humans are fallible to errors which can be reduced significantly through automation testing. 
  • Next, and the most crucial is that testing automation is time-saving.
  • Many automation testing tools are coming up in the market which is making the lives of the QAs far easier.

Which language is better for SQA automation testing?

Those who are in the IT field know that software testing is an integral part of the SQA. And the onus is on the testers to deliver the highest quality product to the stakeholders. So, what tools do our SQA engineers use in general?

There are Selenium, Katalon Studio, Postman, and many more tools that are used for various kinds of testing. For example, Selenium is popular for web application testing, Postman for API testing, Katalon Studio is specialized for web and mobile testing.

So, which programming language is better for automation testing?

There are a lot of factors that influence the usage of the right programming language for automation testing.

  • As a rule of thumb, it depends on the expertise of the tester. 
  • Next, ideally, the developers and the testers should make use of the same programming language to avoid conflicts.
  • Also, it depends on which tool you are using for automation testing. For example, for an automation tool like Selenium, OOP language such as Java or Python are apt. VB Script or JavaScript are ideal for QTP or Test Complete.
  • Furthermore, there are broadly two types of application testing – desktop applications testing and web application testing. As most of the browsers are built using Javascript, any of the scripting languages like Javascript, Python is ideal for testing web applications.


Hence, any programming language that a tester is capable of complete understanding is the ideal programming language to use for testing. While Python is the best bet for many as it is simple to learn and code, Java is the most extensively used programming language for automation testing. Moreover, since Selenium is still ruling the roost when it comes to automation testing of the web applications, there is no compulsion of going with one programming language. One can opt for Java, Python, or C# combo with Selenium.