Java is said to be one of the most common programming languages in the world. Since its inception in 1995, it has been a major tool for software engineers, software developers, and testers. This is because it has provided a framework for them to build software applications. This has led to a huge number of java developers in the market space making the competition even more intense.

For you to stand out as a java developer, there are some unique skills that you must possess. This is because Java has evolved as a result of its continuous advancements that the usage of the programming language has also risen. And you also need to evolve in your skill sets to stand out amongst your competitors. In this article, you will discover the top five non-tech skill sets that you as a java developer should have to stand out amongst your fellow java developers. Mind you, you can learn about these skills by enrolling in an online Java course with a good reputation. 

Here are the top 5 skills

1.Problem-Solving Skills.

As a java developer, you must be able to create, administer, and manage the java code with ease. Critical and creative thinking is essential for you to stand out in java programming. Critical thinking is the ability to understand the problem, analyze the situation, and provide the most logical and reasonable way to solve the problem. As a java developer, if you are not able to identify any problem and find a logical solution to any programming-based problem that comes your way by using the programming concepts at your disposal, then there is a slim chance of you being selected as the standout developer. 

You should also check if there is any problem with your code by conducting a live technical test. This test is a great platform to test your problem-solving skills because you will showcase your previous knowledge of working with enterprise applications, design patterns, multi-threading techniques, CSS, HTML, amongst others. You can also take the STAR interview strategy test. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This test involves answering behavioral questions whereby you have to offer real-time examples and scenarios and Java can be personally used to fix the development issues in the scenarios.

For example, your employer can conduct some coding exercises or hackathons to test your problem-solving or critical-thinking ability. This is why you must constantly seek to build your problem-solving skills. Some ways to improve your problem-solving skills are to; constantly practice real-life challenges and participate in coding competitions. All these you can master by joining an online Java certification course

2.Flexibility in Approach.

As a java developer, you have to have a bigger picture in view. This means you must have a futuristic view of things. For example, if you are a java developer working for a company and you have expertise on just one version of Java. Going forward when it is time for your company to expand, the same version may not fit into the new model of the company. This is why it is important to invest your time and resources not only trying to master a particular skill but to upskill and build on their theoretical knowledge. You should also be able to adapt to the changing requirements of the spectrum which is always changing and evolving. A java developer who is flexible in approach will stand out amongst other java developers because the person can handle the release cycle as a whole.

3.Knowledge of one or more frameworks.

The framework can be said to be the most critical part of a programming language. The structure of a framework is a user-written code that extends the generic functionality of the language, which in this case is Java. As a java developer, you can inherit the attributes and properties of the pre-written code of the frameworks into your java code. This helps in minimizing the coding and effort required. 

Also, deciding on a particular framework that is best suited to your development requirements is regarded as one of the core parts of the process of planning as a java developer. This is why you have to bring to the floor all of your previous and relevant experience. In software development, it is said that every framework used helps in creating different elements that can be brought together. In Java, the frameworks are suited and have no compatibility issues.

It is important for every java developer to be familiar with at least one java framework, and also stay updated with the latest trends in each of the frameworks.

4.Business Skills.

Most java developers often overlook the importance of business skills. Any good and skilled java developer can develop java programs and applications, but a great java developer that will stand out is one who apart from mastering the program, but also understands the business significance of the java applications and programs. This is a good parameter to distinguish between a stand-out java developer and just any java developer. 

Every product made is done keeping in mind the requirement of the client and the business or the company. That is why a stand-out java developer who has a real understanding of both the business and clients is an excellent advantage of any company that employs him/her.

5.Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Communication and people skills are essential skills that are used almost everywhere including java programming. As a java developer, you must be able to explain the information clearly to your managers, employers, or co-workers. You should also be able to work with them to achieve the desired results. Communication skills are divided into two: verbal skills and written skills. Verbal skills are important in delivering java-based presentations and written communication skills are used in documentation.

A stand-out java developer should be able to convey ideas. Many java developers are not properly recognized because they cannot establish good communication between their co-workers. That is why it is crucial to master the skills of communication with clarity and efficiency and clarity to stand out. 


There are many good Java developers out there that are very skilled. But for you to stand out amongst them, you must possess and master these non-tech skills because that is what big companies are looking for.