As a beginner in programming, there is always a question of which programming to learn first as a piece of foundational knowledge in programming. This is because there are so many programming languages that can be used by a software developer to program, and it might be difficult to ascertain the one to use. In reality, each programming language is used for one reason or the other, but the major ones recommended by most programmers are Java and Python.

To be a good programmer, it is important that you learn more than one programming language. This is to gain a wide mastery of knowledge of the various concepts involved in programming. But to gain the required knowledge to have a solid foundation based on programming, I would say that learning java should be the first thing to do in the journey to become a professional programmer. Meanwhile, if you are looking to learn Java, you should consider enrolling for project-based online Java certification training

Some people are of the idea that learning Python as your first programming language is the best because it is an open-source programming language, but I would list some good and vital reasons why you should learn Java as your first programming language.

  1. It is easy to learn Java as compared to other programming languages.
  2. The market available for java programmers is currently experiencing an upward surge.
  3. There are many job prospects that you can get as a java programmer.
  4. Learning Java programming is the best way to gain a lot of experience especially as a beginner.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Programming Language. 

1. It’s Demand

For you to choose to learn a programming language, it is important to look at the rate of demand because that is what will be relevant for many years to come. Java programming is an old programming language as it was first used in the 90s, but the relevance today cannot be over-emphasized; and this is because it is platform-independent, meaning that any program that you write will be executed anywhere no matter the operating system used. 

2. Its application

The application of Java programming is extensive, meaning that you can develop any software, mobile apps, and desktop GUI applications on web servers and embedded systems. So, if you want to be a software engineer, Java is the top skill required for you to use. According to, a software engineer job requires 53% knowledge of Java. This is followed by C++ with 41% then Python with 31%. Java is not only regarded as a top skill for software developers, but full-stack developer ads require Java as a piece of foundational knowledge. also reports that 51% of full stack developer ads require their candidates to understand Java.

The trend for the Future

Looking at the next 5 years from the digital angle, the programming sector is going to take a huge surge. The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics even recommended Java as a programming language that will keep growing for years to come. They reported that Java is on the track to grow by a whopping 19% in the next 5 years. This also creates more opportunities as a beginner or programming enthusiast because Java will provide you with many options as the years go by.

For example, if you intend to have a professional career in programming, Java provides you with the opportunity to start small and grow big. You can grow from a junior developer position where you will master the process and debugging, to a senior programmer where you can be able to take up more complex projects with various responsibilities.

Salary and compensation

One of the most enticing points to note when choosing the programming language to learn first is determining how lucrative it is. Java programming has proven to be very lucrative as many developers have made a fortune using Java programming. According to Payscale, a Java developer has an average salary of $74,117 per year. Even in the United States where there are many java developers, an average Java developer still earns as high as $95,787 in places like Arlington and San Francisco. If you put in the work and get to the level of a senior java developer (which can be achieved in less than 5 years), you can earn as high as $124,000 per year. This high salary rate provides room for the competition which will spur you to do better.

The learning curve

As a beginner with no prior experience of Java programming language, it might come a bit tricky because the mode of thinking when learning a computer language differs from the natural way. That’s why you must put in the required efforts. But if you have some sort of background in computer science and programming, then it is easier to learn Java as compared to learning other languages. Learning Java is even easier than learning C++ and C++ does not have a direct syntax.

You don’t need to worry because we live in a digital world where you can get knowledge online. With dedication and commitment, you can learn java online by registering for online java courses. It might take time but with the right amount of work, attitude and practice, you can grow to become a professional java programmer. I would say it would take like 6 months to make a habit of coding and debugging.

The Community 

One important way to help you grow in learning java is the presence of an online community. In the world we live in today, there are a lot of online programming communities that you can make yourself a part of. This will make you fall among and also you will be carried along on the latest news and trends involved in Java programming. So apart from registering for an online java course, join as many forums and coding communities as you can. There are some notable online communities on programming like Stack Overflow and Reddit. So, if you feel stuck about what you are currently learning, you will be free to reach out to the online community to get assistance. As a beginner, learning Java as your first programming language is the right choice to make. This is because you have all you need to be successful in programming. If you are considering starting out, nothing beats good tutelage. Join a reputable online Java training and you are on your way to becoming a software developer.