There are various reasons for taking up a course. The first and the most important reason for learning a course is to make good bucks. A very close second is the passion that drives them towards the course. 

For both the above-mentioned reasons, Python is the best answer. Be it, Python for beginners or the experienced professionals who are not happy in their job, Python can prove to be an exciting option to mix business and passion.

Why should one learn Python?

Many of us know that Python is a powerful, yet simple programming language used for web development, mobile application development. 

To companies like Google, Netflix, Walmart have adopted it. It has an 83% adoption rate.

It’s the most popular choice for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 

Python developers are in great demand for it is the most adopted programming language in the software industry.

Python with its huge libraries and simple syntax and the expressive feature is considered to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn.

Summing up together we have put the reasons under four important heads.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Multi-purpose language 
  • High demand
  • Great Pay

Let’s see each of the reasons more closely.

Python is easy to learn

Python is considered to be a beginner’s programming language despite being a multi-purpose, multi-paradigm language with very high utilization.

 It is expressive, more like English offering great readability. Due to the presence of extensive libraries, Python allows the programmer more on coding than other nuances.

Listed below are the reasons why Python is considered to be so popular among programmers.

  • Python is an interpreted language
  • Python is a high-level language
  • Python support scripting as well

Python Is a multi-purpose language

Python ranked as a first choice among the programmers by IEEE Spectrum in 2018. Python is a general-purpose language which can be applied in the following fields:

  • Web development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Games building
  • Python is the language for Artificial Intelligence
  • Python is the number one choice for Data Science

Python professionals are in high demand

Due to its versatile use, Python is a widely adopted programming language in the world. Around 83% of the data scientists use Python. Hence, Python programmers are in high demand.

There are over 9 million Java programmers in this world, according to a statistical report. Therefore, the enterprise requirement for Java professionals is being met, however, there is yet a shortage of supply for Python programmers.

Python’s easy to learn feature, coupled with being open-source, and availability of extensive libraries gives it traction. AI is nowhere without Python. And niches like AI and Data Science are flourishing and most sought-after technologies in the world.

Therefore, it is rightfully said that Python developers are in great demand and this claim is not a hype. 

Python for high paying jobs

Data Scientists, AI professionals are the highest paid professions in the IT job market. What’s more, top companies like Google, Netflix, Walmart, have Python as their primary programming language. Aren’t these enough reasons to prove that Python programmers are top paid professionals in the IT field?


Python is constantly winning the hearts of the people and developers worldwide. Being easy to pick up, beginners are opting for Python as compared to the numerous bunches of programming languages out there. 

Python is slowly becoming a medium to break into the IT field. However, we recommend mastering the language than just learning it. Studying the extensive libraries for Data Science, AI, visualization, scientific applications can give you the much-needed grip. 

If the above-listed reasons are not enough to motivate you to learn Python, then what can?