A good way to learn and master technical skills is to build different project ideas. For instance, test automation requires proper study and practice to improve and beat the lack of experience. 

There are several ways to conduct automation testing for several applications. One of the best ways includes the use of “Selenium”, an open-source automation testing framework. It is quite popular amongst software testers and developers because of its effectiveness.     

As a test automation engineer, an excellent way to excel in the field is to create portfolios of projects you’ve built. Hence, if you’re wondering what projects to make, you will get ideas in this guide. 

Before we go on, it is essential to study a selenium certification course that will get you familiar with selenium commands. Without this, you might struggle to use selenium tools such as Selenium Recorder, Selenium Grid, Selenium Remote Control, and Selenium WebDriver

In all, selenium is a great tool for building several project ideas in automation testing.  


Introduction to Automation Testing Using Selenium


Selenium is an umbrella open-source package comprising useful tools and libraries for test automation. Companies use this framework to enable QA Engineers to perform automation testing for web applications. This is due to the fact that it provides highly reliable performance. 

Since Selenium is the preferred tool for carrying out automation testing on web browsers; we have compiled different project ideas for automation testing through the use of Selenium. 


Top Project Ideas for Automation Testing (Using Selenium)

Here are three major project ideas for automation testing using selenium; 

1. Ticket Booking App Automation  

One of the most interesting project ideas you can develop for automation testing (using selenium) is to automate a ticket booking application. A deep-rooted knowledge in online selenium training will guide you along the right path to successfully execute this project. 

Here’s the project Idea:

You can automate the process of booking tickets for flights or hotel reservations using selenium 

This project idea might sound common but a very useful one in the grand scheme of things. People travel for several reasons like going on vacation, attending seminars, holding business meetings, etc. Hence, there’s a high rate of flight bookings and hotel reservations online. 

Imagine developing a means to automate the process of booking tickets for flights and hotel reservations? This will ease stress and also help save the time required in doing this manually.

Here’s what the project will achieve;

  • Initialize the browser driver
  • Log in to the website homepage 
  • Locate flight or hotel based on user requirements 
  • Select flight or hotel based on user requirements
  • Book flight ticket or hotel reservation ticket 
  • Capture a screenshot on the confirmation page 

This is an exciting project but one that requires several detailed steps. 

2. Website Login Automation 

selenium certification course

Website login Automation is a project idea specially designed for entry-level. Beginners can use their knowledge of online selenium training to build a web automation project. This involves building a project that will allow website users to automate the process of login into sites.  

Here’s the project idea:

You can build an automation testing project that launches a random website 

This is a beginner-level automation testing project idea. Using selenium to automate different websites can be a little challenging for beginners, but studying a detailed script can make it less difficult. If you’re interested in building this project, you should get online selenium training

Here’s what the project will achieve;

  • Launch a random website
  • Find Login elements on the web
  • Copy the Login elements provided
  • Fill in the Login credentials on the web page 
  • Redirect user to the homepage automatically 

This is a good automation testing project idea for beginners and new selenium users. 


3. Patient Data Transmission Automation 

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Suppose you’ve acquired a selenium certification course or have in-depth experience in the selenium field. In that case, you should look to build more sophisticated automation testing project ideas such as “automated patient data transmission”. This is a project idea that will help hospitals refer their patient to other medical centers where the required resources and equipment are available.

Here’s the project idea:

You can automate the transmission of patient data from one hospital to another 

Hospitals and medical centers need a platform where they can recommend the best treatment possible for their patients. So, building a project that will automate patient data transmission is highly welcome. Patients will get better treatment through this automated referral system. 

Here’s what the project will achieve;

  • Build a user-friendly framework 
  • Build an automated testing script for the platform
  • Add a report generation tool for patient’s data
  • Alert user through email after the test is complete 

This project can be achieved through the use of Selenium WebDriver. 



Building several project ideas will enhance your knowledge of Selenium. So, feel free to choose any of the project ideas suggested in this guide. This will test your knowledge of the selenium framework and also assist you in solving problems. Why not get started today? 

Aside from solving automation testing challenges, building projects using selenium is also fun.

You should enroll in online selenium training to learn more about this open-source framework. If you want to become a certified automation engineer, you should seek to earn a recognized selenium certification course. Furthermore, there are several valuable resources you can work with on the internet if you want to learn more about automation testing using selenium.