Have you been looking for a new career? It can be a big challenge. While the unemployment rate in the United States is still low, a lot of people are working at jobs they don’t like or jobs for which they are overqualified. They want to make a change but aren’t sure where to find a job that they’ll enjoy that also pays well enough to support their family. Additionally, there is fear about automation taking over jobs, blue collar jobs drying up, and outsourcing jobs leaving nothing left here at home. But there are still plenty of good jobs to be found if you know where to look. Opening the door to those jobs starts with I.T. certification courses. 

Where the Jobs Are in Today’s Market

Forbes published an article in April of this year titled “Three Things To Know About Today’s Job Market.” In it, contributor Stuart Anderson writes that the three things to know are:

  • “First, tech and health care remain the two strongest sectors in the U.S. economy.”
    By tracking online and print ads for jobs, it appears that these two industries are the ones hiring the most people right now. If you need a job, it’s the tech and healthcare industry that are hiring. That means you need the skills required to get into these fields.
  • “Second, the long-term outlook in technology is also promising.”
    That means tech jobs aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. The number of tech jobs requiring some sort of I.T. certification is only expected to grow. That means there will be new opportunities to get into the field as well as many opportunities for advancement.
  • “Third, tech also dominates the best individual healthcare jobs today.”
    The jobs available in the tech industry pay well, offer good benefits, and have high job satisfaction. That makes them even more appealing (and more competitive).

This article should have any reader considering the pursual of their I.T. certification. Having the skills that I.T. employers are looking for is the first step to breaking into the I.T. field and finding a job that’s challenging, rewarding, and satisfying.

How to Break Into the I.T. Field

When H.R. managers are looking for new hires for their I.T. positions, they are going to look at your skill set. They want to see that you have experience in the systems used in the company. They need to see that you can problem solve. And finally, they want to see that you’ll be able to help move the company forward. Having projects in your portfolio that prove your capabilities is a great way to impress an H.R. manager. It will show them that you are the right person for the job. But if you don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience, how are you going to build a resume and portfolio?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take an online I.T. certification course. These courses give you real experience with the healthcare skills you need and can even help you build a portfolio of work through in-class projects. This gives you tangibles to show a hiring manager about what you are capable of doing and the skills that you can bring to their organization.

Looking for a high-quality online I.T. certification course to help you build you skills? We have exactly what you need. Browse through our online course offerings and find one that helps you build the skill set you need for your dream job. The I.T. field is growing and there are jobs waiting for you! Get started with us today and sign up for the skill-building course that you need.