How can you reach the optimal quality levels in a software product? The simple answer is through quality assurance. 

Now, is there a set quality limit for a software product? The optimum quality is the level at which the customer is satisfied. In other words, if the end product is able to meet the predefined customer requirement, then the quality assurance has paid off. 

Does this process excite you? Then you are a QA guy. Enroll for the best QA training and jump on the bandwagon.

Why do you want to become a QA?

If you are a person with all the below qualities, then the chances are that you are the right guy for the QA profession.

  • I strive for perfection
  • I am a good observer
  • I pay attention to details
  • I am good at finding errors even in everyday life
  • I am curious to know how things work
  • I like to investigate

Quality Assurance is not just to win the customer trust over, but to see that that the product performs without any glitches. 

QA is a highly adopted process, especially in the software development field. The onus lies at the organization level to identify the importance of the quality assurance process. A lot of companies have a separate unit for quality assurance so that the bugs are caught right from the beginning. Therefore, SQA is a great profession to be.

What skills should the QA engineer have to prosper in the career?

A good QA training should help you gear up for the software QA professional easily. Apart from the inherent qualities mentioned above, if you have honed the following skills, one can become a great QA engineer.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): The software quality assurance individual should have a complete understanding of the software development process, methodology, the teams that collaborate for the development of the software product.

SQA concepts: The fundamental knowledge of the testing part of the SDLC is essential to ensure the best quality output of the software product.

Object-oriented programming: The engineers should have a profound knowledge of OOP languages like C++, Java to maintain a new software product. 

XML: Most of the websites configurations and content has been developed using the XML file format. It is quite necessary to gain knowledge in the XML file format to survive in the QA profession.

JSON: This is the emerging universal file format. JSON is widely used in the REST WS, web applications, social media sites, etc. Having hands-on knowledge in JSON cannot be undermined for a QA individual.

What is the career growth as a QA?

Functional Role:

On a broad scope, the QA engineer can take up a functional role such as a business analyst in the same domain. And then take it from there. The Project Manager is their next step.

Technical Role:

If they choose a technical side, they can opt for automation testing or a QA Architect position, going forward.


QA profession is a lucrative career. It is the best chance to get into an IT field without much technical knowledge or coding experience. And why not? On average, a person sits with 12 tabs open with a mobile phone, IPads, Alexa device next to them. They communicate almost on a minute basis. Imagine if one of the apps do not work. That important is QA. Software Quality Assurance is here to stay until we use software products.