H1B Visa


We at IIT Workforce have managed a quick precap of H1B Visa and its professional facilities. Take a look at it.

What actually is H1B Visa?

In simple words, it is a non-émigré visa in the USA which permits the employers of United States to provisionally hire foreign employees in speciality business. However, if a foreign employee in the H-1B status is removed or he quits from his sponsored employer, the employee must have a change of status to another non-émigré status, work for another employer or move out of US.

Requisition of H1B Visa

In order to be capable of H1B visa to get employment in the USA, a foreign employee should hold a temporary employment offer from a US sponsor in speciality job. Authorization is just restricted to sponsored employment. If the employee demands a shift in company, the new employer should file a transfer application and request to be the new sponsor of the worker.

Visa Entitlements of H1B

The H1B visa authorizes the holder to stay and work temporarily in the United States. This visa is originally granted for duration of 3 years and further extension could be given. Foreign employees with H1B visa are allowed double intent, which means the employee can keep the H1b visa status and allow apply for Green Card to get a permanent USA residency.

Important Features

The US immigration law restrains the number of issued H1B visa to 65000 every financial year. The USCIS commences the acceptance of application from 1st of April till October. If the application number exceeds the visas, a lottery scheme takes place for that year.

Things an applicant should know if transferring their H-1B visa:

  • The good will of the company and that it holds a H1B visa approval
  • The policy of the company for the termination of the project. Some of the US consultancy organisations instantly terminate your employment, once they fail to find a suitable project for you.
  • Acknowledge about the visa extension once it expires and also find out about your Green Card process.

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