Selenium is an open-source tool that is basically used to automate the testing data across various web browsers. It will provide a single interface tool to write the test scripts in the various programming languages such as RUBY, Java, PHP Python, C#, and among others. Can I learn selenium on my own? It is a common question that arises from the beginners. Yes! You can. If you have a basic knowledge of a programming language you are able to learn the selenium programs easily. But sometimes you may get some risks to understanding the programs and syntax in this language. So instead of this, you have many online platforms to approach. Many institutes available online will help you to teach the proper process of the selenium language.

What makes selenium so popular?

Selenium is the open-source portable framework for testing an application with the Webdriver. It is an automation tool that is required for the scripting of multiple-languages to have a certain understanding of programs. When it comes to the learning path, this course is available in a professional manner to learn about the selenium web driver scripts and their frameworks. In the future, if you want to learn selenium with python, then you need to understand more concepts and AI processes apart from the programming tools and languages.

Future of selenium testing

In the evolution of software technology, selenium is always playing a vital role with a new challenge. This automation test tool has to be proven the best and valuable solution for the testers who face multiple challenges with the manual testing process. If you learn selenium with Java, it helps to build a reputation for being an automation developer in the future. Once you grab a good understanding of selenium then you can easily progress towards success. Here are some things that will point about the prerequisite of selenium tool automation tester:

  • Perfection in manual testing
  • Domain knowledge of the application
  • Able to handle the huge project with numerous scripts
  • Getting to identify the critical areas of the application
  • Prioritizing the areas to be tested

Open-source & free

Selenium is one of the best open-source frameworks than other languages. It is freely available online, so anyone can easily download and make access with this software. Most probably, this platform makes a long-term consideration for the testers and stakeholders. It will make a benefit for the users from the small to large enterprises and independent quality analysts.

Multi-operating system

Selenium is testing software that can support all the operating systems and web browsers to access the data. It allows the analysts to access all the popular platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS, and other operating systems like Chrome, Opera, safari browsers, etc.

Flexibility with programming languages

Selenium is an automation tool that will provide a more flexible platform to multiple languages such as Java, Python, C#, RUBY, PHP, etc. The users are able to select the language in which they want to write the script.

Wrapping it

Therefore, the future of any job will depend on the ability, dedication, and determination of your work. You can make use of this information to understand the scope of the selenium in the future. To get a better advantage, take the training available online to enhance your skills as this could allow you to be unique from others.