Business Analysis is a research discipline that empowers you to proffer solutions to business problems. These solutions may include improvements in process, development of a software or system component, and policy development, amongst others. This is why professional business analysts have become one of the most important resources in every organization. 

You might not even need to be a business analyst to improve your business analysis skills. As a product person, business analysis skills are helpful because it gives you the ability to elicit information from customers, users, and stakeholders; facilitate discussions, and help make critical decisions.

This is why it is very important to improve your business analysis skills. There is online business analysis (BA) training that offers you the opportunity to improve your business analysis skills. This training includes business analysis certification courses. These courses will help you to apply your business analysis skills to internal product work. 

With this online business analysis training, you will be taught the best practices to follow in improving your business analysis skills. Some of them are:

1. Develop Top-Notch Communication Skills

A good business analyst must possess and showcase excellent communicative skills. This means that you should be able to make your points known and understood, regardless of the means of communication (telephone, one-on-one, or in writing). To stand out as an exceptional business analyst, effective communication is not an option but a necessity. 

There are many online platforms that offer the BA Essentials Master Class, which is an online Business Analysis training course that teaches you how to develop your communication skills.

2.  Create your personal Business Analysis Plan

As a business analyst, you should be able to create your business plan which can be used to conduct business analysis activities aligned with the project management in an organization. This gives you an advantage because you will be able to work effectively with the project manager of any organization. Registering for business analysis training that offers business analysis certification courses will definitely teach you how to create your personal business analysis plan.

3. Understand the ‘Agile’ Approach

You cannot be a good business analyst and not understand the ‘Agile’ approach. Any online business analysis training program that does not include a course on Agile is definitely not good enough. Nowadays, Agile teams are paying more attention to getting inputs from Business Analysts because they know that they now play a key role in ensuring success.

One advantage of registering for business analysis training is that you also get to be taught the fundamentals of Agile methodology and how it relates to Business Analysis.

4. Prioritize getting the best solutions

A great practice to improve your business analysis skills and the quality of your performance is to make a conscious effort to focus on not just getting any solution, but getting the best solutions for maximum result. You might make mistakes along the way, but always ensure that you are putting in your best efforts to proffer the best solutions. Not only would this approach make you more productive and useful, but it would also make you stand out as an exceptional business analyst along the way. If you have a team, this practice would also help in creating a better atmosphere for productivity and positivity to thrive amongst your project team members.

5. Get Used to working with Virtual Teams

In this modern age, we basically live in a virtual world. This implies that you also have to be a modern business analyst, and that means you must understand and accept that technology has made remote work more popular and more feasible. Understanding how to deal with virtual teams is non-negotiable.

The online business analysis training is a virtual course. Taking the business analysis certification courses will help you see how the virtual working technology works. The virtual world might have its own challenges like grappling with differences in languages, culture, and time zones; but going for business analysis training is a good place to start should the challenge arise.


If you are a newcomer in Business Analysis, it is important for you to gain both theoretical and practical experience and knowledge of business analysis. There are various business analysis certification courses that can help you hone your business analysis knowledge and skills, and also allows you to showcase your competency to prospective employers. The platforms are available; you can kick-start your journey by registering for a business analysis training program.