The process of implementing QA testing in software development is now common practice across organizations around the world. This is why many professionals in the field of software development are eager to know more about the QA practice. That has led to many enrolling in QA online training programs to get informed about QA in software development. 

In this guide, we will look into everything you should know about QA in software development. 

It is important to test every software product before releasing them for use. This is to ensure that all software products released for public consumption are of good quality. They should be excellently built and in good working condition. Without software testing, there’s a high possibility that software products will become faulty due to bugs and human errors. 

Quality Assurance (QA) in software development is a process of testing software products to ensure they meet the project’s specifications. The online QA training program will give you insights on the best ways to practice quality assurance testing in software development. 


The Quality Assurance Testing Process

This is the process involved in quality assurance testing of software products; 

  • Plan: Planning and organizing the process objectives to deliver quality products 
  • Do: Development of the process that involves testing and making changes 
  • Check: Checking the process and modifying it to ensure it meets the requirements 
  • Act: Actions implemented by the QA tester to achieve improvements in the process 

This quality assurance process is known as the PDCA cycle. You can get more details about the phases of this cycle through QA online training. Basically, it is the methodology of QA testing. 


The Role of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development

QA certification course

The role of Quality assurance in software development can be explained as a procedure that ensures quality software products or services are released for customer’s consumption. The interesting thing with the QA certification course is that it will point out how quality assurance focuses on improving the software development process to ensure standards are met.  

The QA procedure is also designed to help QA professionals detect bugs and defects found in software products in order to prevent failures when they are eventually launched. QA plays an important role in the software development grand scheme of things. It ensures that products are released without faults, so as to meet customers’ demands and expectations. QA will help brands and business organizations save time and cost spent on repairing faulty products. 

This is why big organizations are constantly looking out for quality assurance specialists with QA online training. To produce products that will enhance customer satisfaction, companies need to develop a quality management system. This will oversee QA activities and documentation. 


Types of QA Testing in Software Development 

There are several types of testing used in software quality assurance. They include; 

  • Functional Testing: it determines what the software product will achieve 
  • Non-Functional Testing: it describes how the software product will work 
  • Manual Testing: it is performed by QA testers using software testing tools 
  • Automated Testing: it is performed by programmed machines 

Since software quality assurance is used to test every process in the software development life cycle, there are certain testing areas you need to get familiar with. They include unit tests, system tests, integrated tests, and usability tests. Each one has its unique function. 

The burning question about QA in Software Development is if it is really needed. Based on the knowledge gathered from QA online trainingeach process and stage involved in the software development life cycle is crucial for the future success of software products and services. So, it is important for every organization in the field to invest in software quality assurance. 


The Importance of QA Certification Course in Software Development

As a quality assurance tester, it is important to follow certain regulations that guide the QA practice. The QA certification course program will ensure QA testers working on a software development project are following the Standard Quality Process. Many organizations and clients will not employ your services as a QA tester without the QA certifications. 

Hence, it is vital to acquire online QA training and certifications. This will benefit an organization in increasing profit made from products and providing customer satisfaction. 



It is important that every software development team implements QA testing during and after the software development lifecycle. This will ensure that software products are designed and implemented using the correct procedures. Doing this will make the final software product free from bugs and defects. Hopefully, this guide will give you a better understanding of QA. 

To learn more about QA in software development, get the QA certification course available online. In all, quality assurance will ensure software products developed are fit for use.