The importance of software testing especially for developers cannot be sidelined. The process helps developers test run the software, its behavior, and areas with errors. Software testing gives various benefits for the business and developing team such as reducing the cost of implementation, etc. There are numerous testing types and tools used, while some vary according to the project type, others are very versatile with unique features. In this article, you will get to know the best tools for software QA Projects. 

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The Kobiton testing tool is an effective one for developers seeking to build mobile applications. The testing tool has an AI-driven scriptless feature that allows the developing team to carry out automated functional and visual tests. There is also an opportunity to simultaneously run test scripts on different devices leading to time efficiency and ease of stress. Kobiton testing tool is very versatile and it operates well with common frameworks like XCTest, Apium, and Espresso. With the Kobiton Nova AI Engine, developers can create Appium scripts automatically without having to write them. Although the tool comes at a little cost, there is an opportunity for users to work on the tool for 120 minutes freely. 


Here is another testing tool for the Software quality assurance certification project. Autify is a tool generally accepted and ranked high as one of the best for desktop and mobile automation testing. The testing phase is one of the most rigorous exercises involved in software development and many would do anything to eliminate it. The Autify testing tool was introduced to address this issue and bypass the testing phase during development. The Autify tool automatically generates and launches tests with a unique AI that helps reduce release phases and yield more efficiency for the team. Autify is an acceptable tool for both mobile and web applications with a cross-compatibility for browsers. Autify has a lengthier free trial period for intending users after which it costs $300 a month to use the tool. 

QA Wolf

The QA Wolf tool is one of the best for quick automation testing and comes with a user-friendly interface for ease of access. The QA Wolf is one of the most recommended for beginners, especially those trying to get used to the automation testing process. The tool however is also suitable for the experts in the field. The QA Wolf tool recognizes the advantages of team collaboration and emphasizes it in the test running process. Even for the non-technical individuals in the team, QA Wolf is a suitable tool to help them run tests without any involvement in complex phases. QA Wolf has an automatic script created using JavaScript, one of the most versatile programming languages. During test failures, QA Wolf ensures the solution creation is very easy by showing team members a video log of the problem areas. QA Wolf is a paid tool that requires a payment of $40 per month. 


Zebrunner is another popular automation testing tool in the industry. This tool serves various advantages, especially its friendly interface and features. Using the tool, developers can easily detect bugs during testing due to its feature of performing smart analysis. Zebrunner gives developers a wide range of benefits such as showing flaky test processes, sending test reports using different messenger channels, sending awareness to the team when important problems come up, and many others. The controlling team using this tool has an opportunity to monitor the process of testing 24.7 without any problems with Zebrunner; your team can effectively control different tests, thereby reducing costs and time. Zebrunner has a 30 -day free trial feature after which a $188 per month payment is required.


Katalon testing tool is another widely accepted one by developers. Katalon tool is an encompassing one for different testing including web, desktop, mobile applications, etc. The tool has the unique feature of working with codeless scripts for the non-technical team and a complex one for the skilled developers in the team. Katalon Studio tool has support for Cucumber software, which allows the test scripts to run in normal language. The acceptability of the tool allows new users to leverage when an issue with the usage arises. This tool comes at $759 for commercial purposes, however, for the individual testing process, there is no payment required. 


In this article, we have examined the top software testing tools for QA. As a beginner, you have to carefully select the best tool for use. You can learn how these work by joining a project-based online QA course. Choosing a user-friendly tool will help you familiarize yourself with the various features and gradually take the step to become an expert. For skilled developers, this selection process varies basically on the top of the project and special features of the tool. Whatever category you fall in, ensure you get the best out of the testing tool.