The software testing industry will experience a massive change in the near future with the help of automation testing tools and trends in today’s market. This change will cause a positive impact on several fields like product design, software development, and automation testing. 

When it comes to predicting the trend in automation testing, several factors come into consideration. In this guide, we will have a quick look at some of the trends for automation testing in 2022. It is crucial to learn how to adopt the change in automation testing trends.  

Here are 8 of the top trends for automation testing in 2022;

1. Codeless Test Automation 

Codeless test automation is one of the top trends to adopt. It accelerates the generation of test cases without writing any code. So, people without programming knowledge can now build test cases. The process of codeless test automation and test case formation is highly accelerated. 

With this trend, QA engineers and testers can create test cases with zero coding knowledge. 


2. Big Data Analytics

There is a massive increase in the volume of data that organizations deal with in 2022. To handle this huge volume of data, end-to-end data testing is required. This is where “Big Data” comes in. Big Data analytics is gaining massive recognition because the world is constantly moving toward digitalization. Hence, it has become a major trend for automation testing. 

You can learn the principles of end-to-end data testing with the selenium online course


3. IoT Testing 

Studies have shown that more IoT devices will be developed by 2025. This figure is expected to hit around 27-billion IoT devices. With this massive increase in IoT devices, the need for IoT testing can not be overemphasized. The selenium training will give you insights on how to test the performance of IoT devices. You will also get to learn how to use IoT testing tools. 

IoT is expected to lead the market in the near future. So, this automation testing trend is vital. 


4. Cloud-based Testing 

The cloud-based testing trend has improved the development of responsive mobile applications and web apps. Websites are way more responsive now across different devices. So, businesses in different fields are now adopting cloud-based cross-browser testing frameworks. When you learn selenium online, you will familiarize yourself with these testing frameworks. 


5. Blockchain Solution 

Blockchain technology is now a big thing in the IT industry. Due to its complexity, the adaptation of blockchain technology can be quite challenging. Especially in the line of security and cost of operation. To solve these challenges, a blockchain testing strategy is necessary.

6. API Test Automation

The need to provide solutions for API automation has become critical in 2022. It is not news that client components and applications need the right API integration. So, testing projects now involve using the right process and tools through API and services test automation. 

The selenium online course will teach you how to leverage the best API testing tools for testing projects. That way, you can keep up with the API and services test automation trend. 

7. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is gaining attention in the field of automation testing. QA testers are devoted to ensuring that software products are secured for use across different devices and platforms. 

Also, companies are now aware of the need to enable security rights before the software development life cycle. This will help them block all loopholes from cybercriminals’ attacks. 

Cybersecurity will continue to play a big role in automation testing for years to come. This is why every tester needs to enroll in selenium online training to get in with all of these trends. 

8. AI and ML Test Automation

This list of the latest automation testing trends will not be complete without mentioning AI and ML test automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies adopted for software automation testing. It has become a major trend in 2022. 

You should learn selenium online to understand how to perform test automation with the help of AI and ML. This is a cost-effective automation testing solution that will continue to grow. 



The future of software automation testing is very bright. So, it is important to get in with the trends while you can. As the software product demands and the market continues to grow, the demand for QA testers and automation testing tools will continue to increase. As a tester, you need to adopt these automation testing trends. It will set a new height for you in the industry.