Applying EAD for H4

Steps to Follow While Applying EAD for H4 Visa- In Effect from May 26, 2015

A heart-wrenching wait for H4 Visa holder has ended. EAD for H4 Visa holder has been declared. With loads of question in mind, regarding this rule, you’ll find all your answers here, right from attorney to fees, eligibility to H1B extension and more.
Leon Rodriguez, the USCIS Director stated that the Department of Homeland Security is expanding the eligibility for employment authorities to some H-4 reliant companions of H-1B non-immigrants who are working under LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident) status. The department edited the act to permit the H4 reliant spouses to attain employment in USA.

The Right Way to Apply EAD for H4 Visa

Check out the guidelines provided by USCIS regarding the application for H4 Visa

When to Apply for EAD?

USCIS will commence taking applications from May 26th, 2015. After the approval of Form I-765 and as soon as the H-4 reliant spouses get the EAD, she/he can commence working in USA.

Application of EAD for H-4

As per the rule, the qualified H-4 reliant spouses should file Form I-765, as an application for Employment Authorization, along with legal proofs and the ascertained fee $380 to get employment authorization and get Form I-766, EAD (Employment Authorization Document).

Documents to be submitted

  1. Status Proof- Recent I-797 Paper or I-94
  2. Proof of Relationship- Marriage Certificate Copy
  3. Work Authorization
  • Passport
  • H1B Visa Holder AC21 Expansion (I-94 or I-797)
  • I-129 or
  • Official Form I-140

EAD Work Permit Eligibility Criteria

In order to get work authorization the H-4 spouses have to meet certain eligibility criteria, the H-1 spouse should EITHER:

  • Have been offered an H-1 B expansion apart from the original 6 year duration on an approved or pending Labour Certificate, which has been filed over a time period of 365 days before. or
  • Serve as the beneficiary of an accepted I-140
  • The H-4 spouse should also apply for Work Authorization via I-765 from
  • The H-$4 EAD is restricted for the H-4 spouses. The kids of H-4 reliant aren’t eligible for the same.
  • The latest which one can submit this form to USCIS is the 26th of May, 2015

About H4 EAD Visa

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) – as per the present rules, spouses of H-1B employees aren’t allowed to work in the United States. However, now the rules have been amended and the H-4 spouses of few H-1B employees can work after filing the Employment Authorization Document.

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