Mastering a skill is an intentional effort. You need to decide to make a conscious effort to learn and relearn daily if you must stay competitive. In this article, you’ll get tips that’ll help you become a better automation tester. We’d begin with why you should learn Automation Testing.


Why Learn Automation Testing?

Animation testing is one of the most important and popular aspects of launching new software in the tech space. Likewise, the need for automation testers is increasing by the day. The advancement of technology is another factor. Nobody wants to perform repetitive tasks and boring tasks in this day and age. This is why automation testing is quickly replacing manual testing in many organizations. It is quick, accurate, and cost-effective.

To become an automation tester, you may take beginner classes including that software knowledge like the Selenium Free Certification Course. This will prepare you for the task ahead.


1. Join a reputable Training Programme 

This is perhaps a no-brainer. No one can successfully practice in a profession without learning the basics first. You need to get relevant courses on software and the processes involved in automation testing. It’s a tech space and requires some coding knowledge too. So, ensure you have the background skills and knowledge to be efficient in the field. 

There are tons of courses online and some are free such as Selenium Training and Placement in the USA. Taking these types of classes will have you some cost and give the needed teaching to get started with your new job. 


2. Practice

As you learn, you need to practice daily. Waiting to get a full-time paid job may not be easy because of your lack of experience. But while waiting, learn from videos, and experts, volunteer to intern with companies, and showcase your skills. There are lots of testing tools available, but get familiar with the popular ones like Selenium. You can get a Selenium Free Certification Course online to upgrade your skills. Whatever area you are in, continuous practice helps you fit in easily when needed.

If you can, join an unpaid internship program. Apply what you learn in projects. Show your projects online. There’s no better way to learn than hands-on practice with applicable projects. This is why IIT Workforce is committed to 100% project-based training.


3. Look Past the Challenges

No one gets it right initially. As an automation tester, you will encounter challenges in the testing processes sometimes and may need to recheck from the beginning. It’s part of the job and shouldn’t discourage you. 

The first day of testing may not be easy for you. Unlike the way you see it, one thing you need to do is look past the challenges. 


4. Familiarize with the Tutorials of the Testing Tools

Testing tools developers also understand the challenges that come with working especially as a beginner. Hence there are short tutorials that help you familiarize yourself with the tools. Working with these is one of the best things to make the journey easier. For example, after your FreeSelenium CertificationOnline, try working with the help files before proceeding to the testing. 


5. Be open to Learning

Learning never ends. As you practice on the job, develop an open mind to learning from the experts. This set of individuals will teach with experience and you get to enjoy a free mentorship session most times. 

You have to know as well that technology is evolving, and new research is going on to develop better tools. As these are launched, try to work on these tools. It keeps you relevant in the field. 


6. Read Books 

Reading is part of learning. You should develop a habit of reading books relevant to your niche. It helps you relate better with the tool and gives first-hand experiences of solving automation testing-related problems. Since books are detailed, you get a robust understanding of the concepts which will stick with you for a long time.


7. Understand Manual Testing Processes

Sometimes, automation testing may not be preferred for a company or client. So, you need to learn manual testing as well. You never know which works now especially with the rise of manual testing methods in tech as well. 

More so, manual testing helps you get a better grasp of automation testing. The two work together and come in handy when needed. 


8. Learn Programming Languages

While some testing tools may not require programming language knowledge, others need the skills. So, you have to learn programming languages to become a better automation tester. We all know that learning ALL may be quite overwhelming, but you need to have an in-depth knowledge of one. It’s very important. 


9. Join the Learning Community

With Selenium Training and Placement in the USA, you have an opportunity to join the large learning community. Here, you interact with others in the field, either colleagues or seniors. No one is an island of knowledge, so you need the connections to build your portfolio, help you during challenges and make you a better automation tester. 


10. Never Underestimate your Abilities

As an automation tester, you should never underestimate your abilities. With the tins of classes you have taken like free selenium certification online and others, you have the relevant skills to excel as a professional. Ensure you put yourself out there and let the world know you have what it takes. 



Remember, growth is a gradual process. No one gets it all in a day, but with constant practice, learning, and upgrading of skills, you become a better version of yourself as an automation tester. Take action today and you’d see the results tomorrow.